cause there's a devil devil devil in my...soup

9:10 p.m. x 2002-09-01

i tell you everything
i hope that you don't tell on me
and i give you anything
i know that you won't tell on me

that is sooo pretty...goddamn courtney why did she have to write that before i did??? that lil verse is my favorite thing right now...i'm very very tired and very *ugh* because my dinner was yucky (what did they put in this soup my jesus @_@ - yeah, they put my jesus in the soup i bet...), i tired myself out running after rachel & ryan, the happy couple, and EVERYBODY'S SAD because my dad lost his job. i feel very weird because everybody's sad and i just don't feel on that completely sad level - and i feel left out. it sounds stupid but i really want to cry again and i don't feel anything and when i do it drives me bonkerz @_@ like what happened with brittany made me feel made me feel really disturbed and betrayed...but i haven't felt real sadness in forever and i miss it now. i feel like a middle-aged botox victim my god. okay, now i've actually exhausted myself (i think it's the rice trying to kill me but i could be wrong), my legs hurt like a bitch and i'm tired...-_- i met the drummer from a local punk band today. i've never heard their stuff but i told him i bet they're great. he insisted they suck but i'm still jealous. i'm going to take my lil packet of lyrics and make brash, scathing albums that sound like marilyn manson being molested by ozzy while courtney love whips them and jessicka from jack off jill reads from the bible to simon cowell with a little bit of john lennon and green day and pink floyd sprinkled here, here, and here. yes yes yes...i can't wait to have my band and all my friends will get to see me siiiiiiiinnnng..i actually like to sing, holy f*cking shit. anyhoo...before i start to go off about this soup again (which i'm going to drown in the sink right now) i say bye. but before hand - whoever's reading this i love you...*big hugs*...yeah, i just can't last the day without hugging something...

this thing actually came in handy. hmm?

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
pieces of the moon
sensitive heart, you're doomed from the start
(& etc)

anybody can be just like me, obviously.
not too many can be like you, fortunately.
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