now you sailors know where your women come for love

3:50 p.m. x 2002-10-10

hmm...i haven't heard that song since seventh grade. that's three years. whoosh. and all the sudden it's stuck in my head.

i've been nostalgic lately. that's past, recent and distant, sucked butt. there's not too much one would want to 'amember.

i want to post my autobiography on here. maybe it'll scare some of my evil friends into being nicer to me. *lol* when they fear you, you have their respect!!!

oh i am a sad sad example of a contained individual...i'm actually quite fucked-up but it just doesn't seem to slip through all that much.

something's wrong though or i wouldn't feel like exploding right now @_@.


you were do for a huge update yesterday.

know why you didn't get one?

'acuzz you KICKED ME OFF that's why!!!


anyhoo...*mah* long weekend is being weird. i have nothing to do as the mommy's escaped, i have no clue where the dad disappeared to, and frankly don't give a shit where the other two littler things are.

called jaypea and manda yesterday. they both make me feel like a big-mouth because they're very quiet, but i feel more comfortable talking to them than other people. hmm...*straaange* indeed...

brittany returned to her home after being evicted via her mommy the previous evening, thus escaping to chez dustin and avoiding a night in the rain amongst the flers.

i want to have another party. i don't like talking to my friends in school, i'm too stressed there. i want to relax and have fun with people...hang mountain dew bottles, sing *closer*, do the pat benatar dance, watch amanda's pseudopornography, and stay up all night talking about random deep topics.

talks like that make me feel important and wanted. i like revealing/being revealed to. in that non-sexual way...*giggles* dirty minded freak.

*yawn* ack...i'm gonna go downloading (killing my computer's brain cells). au revoir motherfucker.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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