7:00 p.m. x 2002-10-11

HMMPPPH...i lonely.

jaypea's konked out, manda just left, sara & rachee are out for my blood, brid boy's at his grandparent's, britty boo's grounded T__T, i bet gimpy's asleep or something.

damn people.


i had an okay day. i hung around with manda and we were retarded together. we invaded border's and embarrassed ourselves looking for lesbian erotica and following a clerk that looked like charles manson. then we complained that the hives cd wasn't in the stereo and i bought the september (@_@) issue of mojo with the WHITE STRIPES on the cover...*melts*. how beautiful.

if i could i would wallpaper my room with jack-ness. he is indeed god, you lowly bastards. MAHA!

i also bought *the end of alice* by a.m. homes. looks interesting...supposed to make *lolita* look like *leave it to beaver*. i hope so, i feel like being freaked out. books are supposed to leave an impression you know mother.

-_- ugh, i feel like i'm gonna implode. yes, we IMPLODE today.

i exploded yesterday.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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