k@ri: i'm dying*jaypea: me too*k@ri: awe that's nice*jaypea: ...

10:35 p.m. x 2002-10-16

merrrrrrrrr...today's *SERIOUS ENTRY*

@_@ triangle man has a bitch named norm...and I SAW THEE ELMO DAMMIT!!!

today was emotional drain-o. jesus. i am so tired...and i really didn't do shit today @_@.

i am a lazy sod.

had eyeliner sticking and stinging me ALL DAY and couldn't touch my eye for fear of smudge...tried writing songs and story-bits but felt sadly and achingly uninspired. then i went to GRAPHIC ARTS...which is like limbo. no sadness, no happiness, but usually sleep. like the day hadn't been weird enough, but...instead i got this hyper rush so bad...i decided to draw my jaypea-lettes. he's got the sweetest lil face...and i KEPT SCREWIN IT UP!!! finally i decided "bah...i refuse to further corrupt his lil innocent eyes and mouth". those are two of the three most important features of the whole thing (guess the other - it's somehow dirty no matter what anyway *lol* if you know me you know how retarded that was). i got out the book i'm currently reading, "the end of alice", and was hit with a wave of inspiration! the cover is a school picture of a little girl all scratched out...so i took out my mangled john paul and stole somebody's white out and GOT TO WORK! luckily the graphic arts room had some strange little supplies for my use...erm, i'm thinking now though i shoulda asked jaypea for the use of a diary entry he wrote. i just printed it ^-^;;; nobody saw don't worry dahling...then i found a pen that squirted ink and i'm talking BLOODY FUCKING RED...and it bled *like the dickens* so it looked like cuts. i love that pen, i may steal it *teeheeheeheehee*. so then i had this very manic, bloody, mangled jaypea (i put a slit in his mouth-area and put a fake, magazine smile behind it...which you can't SEE thanks to my retardidity - blah).

complete with r.e.m. lyrics - just like mr. blue-headed french man of depression! he was cool...i must see him again, jaypea, we need to bond, me and him...


jason was gone today. mandy was gone today. mr. z killed jaypea and tweak and i. bah...everybody's gone!!!

TODAY'S HILIGHTS: manda has squeaky fromme in her backpack, jaypea imitates the count, brittany wears brianhughwarner, dustin's an alien, sara wears true love (EEEK), tweak bonds with the rubix sphere, and i convince myself the dc sniper will kill my english teacher for $$$.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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