kids sure like the devil these days

1:22 p.m. x 2002-10-24

i feel soooooo *blah*...but it's only like 1:30...there's a bit of room in the day yet to be awake.

on a very, very good note: brittany's getting a drumset and gimp's getting an electric guitar ^-^ !!! we can have our own little retarded nirvana now *lol*.

i'm in love with this band acid bath now...i'll have to add their albums to my *I WANT* list. that thing's too goddamn big now...that means i need to start getting more stuff ~ hehehe *devious giggles*.

i started writing rough drafts and ideas for my grad project short story collection last night. i have a concept worked up and everything...the stories are based on the prologue, which is a group of five girls playing truth or dare. each story is a "truth" from the different girl (never identified which story is narrated by which girl), except the last one, a "dare", where one of them commits suicide, and it's revealed that they were all the same person, but different personalities...or something like that. it's about anonymity, the identity of a larger group as opposed to an individual, basic scathing experiences my friends and i have recently had happen blah blah blah...i like it so far ^-^.

i woke up today and felt sick. not sick like *ugh i'm dying of death* sick but sick like nervous sick. i've felt like a fuck-up lately and i don't know why.

well, i AM a fuck-up, that could be why, or maybe it's the soup...jesus, that soup has a problem with me.

erica's still bothering sara...hmm, he can't take a clue. that boy's disturbed to an astounding degree @_@. he WAS a stuffy little right-wing shithead that made hitler look open-minded, then all the sudden when he met sara and he fell in love with her and she dumped him, he ran off, found god, got back in school, and decided not to become a KKK member.

and now...he has returned with a vengance, and no matter what the poor little sara says, he still loves her. she even told him she was a lesbian and it didn't work. regardless of whether or not she IS a lesbian...he dated moriah *shivers*, so it's obviously not an obstacle.

moriah is frightening. a sixteen-year-old scrub brush and devotee of britney spears who never bathes and has committed unspeakable sexual acts with her dog (and peanut butter). *tisk tisk* what's wrong with the kids today?'s all them video games i tells ya...

i hate video games with a passion. just about every man alive prefers them to me -_- every man alive PREFERS me at all @_@. i am boy-repellant, with the exception of jason, jaypea, dustin, ryan, and gimp. five of the world's 1000000000s of men can stand to be around me for more than a second or two.

let's not even get into how much women hate me. i'm just not a people person. oddly enough...i've never gotten picked on for being ugly by a girl. it's always been guys that think i'm ugly, girls always thought i was too weird.

i understand everything i do and i LIKE the way i look PFF, i'm not weird and ugly to me, and hopefully not to my friends either, so they don't matter ^-^. i've accepted that i'm not the kind of person you'd flirt with or immediately choose to go talk to, but oh well, your loss.

hey sara i'm being egotistical, better copy that down so you can use it against me later.

wouldn't it be nice if we were older
then we wouldn't have to wait so long
and wouldn't it be nice to live together
in the kinda world where we belong

...woohoo...i hear brian wilson...

that makes me sad -_-. i'll never grow up and get married.

OOO...i had a premonition last night that jaypea's going to meet a guy soon, a really nice one. i hope so, he deserves someone who'll be impossibly sweet to him and he can trust completely...and geez, he must be here somewhere...*roots through the toybox*.

more later, i'm going to go and bum around the internet for a while and hope i don't get kicked off or sent more porn. AOL...STOP SENDING ME PORN...

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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sensitive heart, you're doomed from the start
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anybody can be just like me, obviously.
not too many can be like you, fortunately.
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