"...they've cancelled 'the robertson family', so i'm dead now..."

5:34 p.m. x 2002-10-31

mmmm...everybody must go and rent *star time*. that is one of the most stark, disturbingly atmospheric pieces of cinema that i've ever had the pleasure of sitting through while eating chinese food ^-^. i bet marilyn manson saw it, a lot of the killer/celebrity philosophy is used in there, and it was circa the time of the spooky kids' formation...hmm...

it's about this guy named henry pinkle, a normal, seemingly sweet, pretty good looking guy. henry is a bit pffed about his favorite show being cancelled (he's the type of individual that lives to watch endless reruns of a sappy sitcom) and to top that, his best friend and social worker is away for the month with her maaaan. and boy is he disoriented over it. so henry decides to off himself from a tall building, only to be stopped and inspired to go on by a mysterious geezer named sam bones. sam tells henry that he has real star power and potential, all he needs to do is show his genius to the world, thus sam sends poor henry off on a serial killing spree in a baby mask. sounds a bit off, huh? well it was great, and the end almost moved me to tears. the only huge fault i see in it is that you don't know whether or not henry's really dead at the end (maybe it'd be better if he was, i mean, if he'd lived he'd just be stuck there @_@ the paramedics just got up and walked away...!!!).

overall i was very very happy to have rented it...it'd been staring at me in blockbuster forever. the women in the fantasy sequences and the commercials on the tv's are the only thing that really date this movie ('92) @_@ because of the hair and the style...otherwise i think it has a very timeless air about it. very very good yes...

...i know i'm ramblish, hush!!!

*le sigh*...i want to see people, i'm all alone...next year i'm making jaypea get off of work for halloween so he, amanda, rachel, sara, etc. can come with britt, dustin and i...and we'll all listen to brittany bust her vanilla ice moves.

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