whatever happened to polite conversations over good meals at fancy restaurants?

5:49 p.m. x 2002-11-01

my god that sounds fun right now. you know...just going out with someone to talk over a nice dinner. k@ri the picky eater hates restaurants but a lot of the time k@ri the taurus wins the argument...and i go anyway...

anyway, today amanda and i just skipped around all day...we went to the crappy mall (see, there's this mall by my house, and it's a complete piece of shit, all the old people go there to die i swear @_@). i couldn't get brittany's birthday gift cause i have no $$$ T__T that upset me so bad. i really wanted to get her the cd she wanted (rancid, *and out come the wolves*), but i have to wait and get it after school tomorrow @_@. i hate missing birthdays. hate hate hate it.

after that little episode, we went to a used book outlet @_@ sound weird? it was. and it SMELLED so awful...drywall *blah*...i couldn't be in there because i had to hold my nose, and you know i can't breathe through my lungs at all by now T__T i was suffocated by the used book outlet!!! and then we went to her house, and we watched *star time* and played with her many dolls and stuffed kittens ^-^ i left the movie there so she could see the end of it. and now i forget when it's due back...agh...

overall though i had a fun time with my manda ^-^. she's my left brain (not the actual, mean one but my practical side). i really want to do something with jaypea soon, just not after he's worked all day @_@ i admit that was dumb...^-^;;; but i'd really like to do something fun with him so he can have a really good day, he needs more of those.

everybody's gotta wish my britterz a HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow!!!

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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