3:27 p.m. x 2002-11-04

song of the day: *sexy sadie* by the beatles

today's "song of the day" is special. why? because it's not stuck in my head...and frankly, i've never even really heard it. it just holds special significance in today's events. today's very very fucked-up events.

i was all happy and bubbly before i got to lunch where sara, manda and i were talking like was always do. then sara got her pencil box out, which had, on the top in ransom-style magazine-cut-outs, "SEXY SADIE". amanda and i screamed and laughed, because we have a bunch of little in-jokes about the mansons. so then i took out a sharpie and went told sara i was gonna x her. "x" as in, i was gonna put a little x on her forehead between her eyes. i wasn't really. then sara directed me to do it to shannon, and so i took off after her, and jesus fucking christ IT WAS ALL IN FUN. then amanda gets all pissy and grabs the sharpie from me and gives me a death-stare.

fuck if she likes shannon more than me i have failed with her. that's a lot of effort and dedication down the fucking drain.

and then after that, since my next class was with shannon and i did NOT want to be near her, i went to the office where i was then whisked away to the nurse because it looked like i was having a "nervous breakdown". my heart rate was 110 and the nurse made me stay in her office until that class was over.

now you may be saying to yourself - "nervous breakdown"? over what? well, i've been through this before with the likes of shannon, and nothing good comes from it. i've gotten suspended for just messing around with that little bitch...

...*uuuuuugh* i'm so pissed off i can't concentrate.

note to my basic foods partners marissa and becky: let's use shannon in the caserole.

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