circles and hangers minus a bird

4:58 p.m. x 2002-11-05

song of the day: jaypea sings *heat of the moment*

*sigh of relief* my day was better today, but it went really really fast. especially geometry T__T and i like being in there.

french was "exciting", it was mr. depeyer's last day teaching! thank god, because he can't speak french @_@ merr. i slept through english. straight through, the whole freaking thing. it's scary - i really can't differentiate my dreaming in that class and actually paying attention. i drooled ^-^ that's so happy. i don't really remember graphic arts...but we had a test in geometry...oh dear...i probably bombed that so bad ^-^;;;(DAMN CIRCLES). we'll see. we'll see. oh yes...i must tell you about the hanger.

a few days ago amanda and i were walking into the girls' bathroom when she noticed a white plastic hanger on the floor. it had no home to go to, so i adopted it and stuck it in my backpack, where it stayed for a while. then it started to stick me, which hurt, so i tried pimping it off, and today it's finally taken up permenantly pleasant residence, hanging from jaypea's wallet chain ^-^.

"i've got a hanger...i've got a tongue ring...i've got bottled is good."

the bad part of the day was the lack of jason. he was supposed to do a presentation in french with tweaker, and he wasn't there.

i'm gonna beat him up.

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