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1:24 p.m. x 2002-11-07

song of the day: *frances farmer will have her revenge on seattle* by nirvana

ugh...i didn't get to sleep until 2:30 last night -_-. watched hbo programming from 9 till 12:30 (two episodes of *sex & the city* and the movie *frances* which you must rent), took a loooong bath and fantasized about jack white amongst the rose and peach bath soap, then went to sleep watching something on van halen @_@.

i really dislike david lee roth. he reminds me of my dad. i used to be terrified of sammy hagar (i have weird fears - go on, rub it in) but since watching dlr, i'm not so scared anymore. things could always get worse.

hmm...i think before that there was something on having to do with marilyn manson. it reminded me of how disgusted i am by rose mcgowan. her attitude really rubs me the wrong way @_@. and she looks exactly like my friend abby, whom i've not spoken to in a year now.

i miss her now, realizing i've not talked to her. but i'm afraid that if i do she'll talk about spedwin. her male lesbian. i still love abby but not when she's on a spedwin-trip. sara used to be like that with jason and has since stopped, thank god.

oo that reminds me: shannon's getting her ass beat. preferrably monday morning. she made sara, okay, "big deal" mmhmm, well sara does not cry. ever. i've seen her cry like twice, it's a big deal when she cries because she's just not emotional. when you make her cry something is seriously seriously wronnng.

shannon has been the biggest bitch lately. i've put up with her stories about this drunken ass twenty-year-old her mom wants her to date, where one minute she's disgusted with it, the next she has a huge crush on him, then he's "playin' her", the next he's broken her heart, and finally chasing after her again (though i think she's more on the desperate/stalker side of it all). i have put up with that and her constant ramble about recovering from depression which has obviously just plateaued into anorexia and denial, even after she turned me into the office for "threatening" her (this involved a dull cafeteria fork and a british accent - i was being about as serious as the cast of SNL on crack). so yeah - i've dealt with her, forgiven her, etc. etc. and what does myssi get in return??? she's just been a big fuckass to everyone.

there's a difference between righteousness and being FUCKING ANNOYING. learn it.

now she's migrated her bitch cloud over the happily vacant head of poor little sara, who didn't do anything. at lunch, shannon started going off about her aformentioned callboy (i'll bet that's what he is, knowing her mother @_@) and sara just told her to shut-up. not just that but she did it very politely. i polite shut-up. everybody was sick of hearing about it because shannon doesn't know what she's talking about. and that just sent her off so bad...she SCREAMED. and sara turned into me and i hugged her and rocked her while she cried.

*ugh*. school kills. teen angst concentrated into a small vacinity means something will eventually explode.

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