"god forbid i exude confidence and enjoy sex"

4:30 p.m. x 2002-11-08

"avril lavigne is the dimestore sarah michelle gellar." - i forget who said this but i love it

song of the day: *heroin* by the velvet underground

*falls off the bed*

uuuuuuuugh...today was a sleepy day, which was good, because it gave me a chance to lie down and relax after the evil that was last night. i went to bed in such pain @_@ and i ended up pulling a bulemic into the sink in order to get some rest. i hate throwing up but i knew if i did i wouldn't feel so stuffy, so i did, and i realized this stuffiness was also blocking my breathing that much more.

thank god i'm over the cold or i seriously would've ceased to breathe. *argh*...i don't feel too much like dying right now. life doesn't suck too bad. of course it'd be a lot better if certain people would maybe just do what they said they were gonna do.

"come to the play with me! i'll be all alone!!!"

oh fuck you sara @_@ at least i can tell tweaky somebody saw it.

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