5:44 p.m. x 2002-11-09

song of the day: *colorblind* by counting crows


my. day. was. weird.

first of all...there was an obvious lack of bird. jason was absent once again, so i was pseduoalone for the entire morning end of school...then resource (which was fun, i snuck into amanda's room and we sat in the back and talked about unimportant-ness...which we can do for a looong time). ah yes...and then...lunch. lunch was weird.


the following sounds really pompous and unethical, seeing as i have no room to judge, but bare with me, this is my diary.

anyway...warning's aside...shannon's gone insaaane. badly so. first period this morning she spazzed completely about something these two girls were saying. they weren't talking TO her or ABOUT her, which gave her no grounds on which to freak as bas as she did, and they didn't even say anything bad.

my point, if there is one, is that shannon's anger has gotten out of hand. completely. she freaked out and cried and destroyed stuff all day once every period. and i know it wasn't because of what those girls said.

for those of you who don't know shannon, let me begin by saying: you are soooo lucky. but here's her anyway. her father's physically absent from her daily life (though he is still with her family, he's a trucker) and her mother's absolutely insane (ever seen piper laurie in *carrie*? yep...picture her fatter and with glasses and with an even worse penchant for violence and you have shannon's mom).

both her mom & dad are physically obese, and shannon used to be borderline-200 lbs. she sank into depression and has since, though she's "recovered" from the depression (recovered my ass @_@), developed an interesting, ardent addiction to zoloft. sometime in there, amongst anxiety attacks and screaming fits, she discovered that she wasn't bony or sticky or anything. so she's since dropped to 120. okay kids, when your NORMAL WEIGHT is 200 and YOU WEIGH 120...yeah, there's risk involved. we're talking about someone whose body is built to be heavier and she's running on 1/4 her natural weight and energy.

and yes...it gets worse. on top of anorexia nervosa, she is also massively historionic. she has these freak outs and explosions so people will listen.


...nobody cares. and they don't care because even when they do you DON'T STOP. if she stopped...well, that's all she knows to do for attention.


and now onto an updated report on the battlefield: that is, rachel and brittany, who are currently in a vicious argument.

on the brittany side of things: she wants to meet this senior girl, and it is myssi's honorary duty to get this girl's screen name, which is nothing new. i have no shame. i just go up to people and say "hey, my friend over there thinks you're cute and (s)he wants your screen name."

i'm an old pro at that ^-^.

on the rachel side of things: something very very big has happened. it's that of which we've been eagerly awaiting all season for...

...and will be detailed at a later date. (cliffhanger!!!)

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