"the laughter of children upsets her!"

5:38 p.m. x 2002-11-12

song of the day: jaypea's rendition of the theme from *clarissa explains it all* and *hey jude* by the beatles

today was sooooo sooooooo great...

...until just now!

okay, to start with my morning roughly sucked. i got yelled at by the french nazi and the english bastard because of my attitude...okay fine...if defending myself against your dumbass-ness is having an attitude then i'm happy to have one.

the day much improved over the free period, which i spent with jaypea and his friend lindsey, who likes *sid & nancy* and talks a lot, thus she is conversationably compatible with me ^-^. she also had the two most retardedly funny books ever written...and yes, these exist in case you're thinking of gifts for the neighbor's toddler: *the holes in your nose* and *everyone poops*. that was so inexplicably, disturbingly hilarious i almost cried...

...and then i got home where i actually almost did T__T. for however good today was, jason's sunk my happy boat.


his dad kicked him out and he's moving back in with his mom, who's supposedly the evil parent, but whatever. it's fucked up and i'm really mad right now...my day was so good, too.

oh well. let's not let the lezbird spoil everything. jaypea had the funniest little moment with a survey of mine today...he filled out part of it referring to me and not to him.

HONEY...it's about you!!!

*adolescent giggles* so my day didn't suck i suppose. this is all jason's fault you see...grr, let's see if he gets his lesbian shirt now...

oh yeah, and marissa got spit at by corn. be very careful in opening canned corn, children. it could deliver some very moist wrath upon you if you aren't careful [bad corn karma].

and with that...i'm off...*WHOOSH!*

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