"we must straight way make head"

11:59 a.m. x 2002-11-20

says somebody from "julius caesar". how does one (who is male) make head in a straight way? (i know i know - let me enjoy juvenile humor while i'm still juvenile.)

song of the day: *main offender* by the hives

T__T argh...jaypea will be gone for half of tomorrow and all of friday.

I'LL MISS HIM...@_@ ugh, i loathe myself. i don't NEED him to have a good day, he's just a welcome addition to one ^-^. err, well - okay - i need to start shedding some of my attachment to him, but i'm not doing anything too overbearing (and if i am - sara promised she'd tell me, although odds are she wouldn't notice @_@ merrr). i blame it on his diary (the hardback kind, not the keyboard kind as such), i loved reading that sooooo much *dies* but it was the saddest experience of my life.

it was basically, "here perfect stranger, please read the book of which i cried on and recorded the exploits of a relationship that ended with me getting my heart ripped out and spit on. but i trust you enough not to do that."


okay okay...*sniffles*...i'm not in the mood to be reflective. i'm just bored and in graphic arts. i really really need to make sara her shirt...^-^;;; whoopsi! and this class is almost through...*damn!* no really, i'll get it done. a black wordshirt that in big white letters says "AVRIL LAVEY". err - levign? but which is more fun, hmm?!

more later...i got the sadistic keyboard again and am sick of slamming on the space button.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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