updated randomosity and yellow submarines

4:19 p.m. x 2002-11-19

put the email back up. i don't know why, but i figure, i like it there...i don't know, i'm impulsive.

also added an entry for nico, because she deserves it and i figure - be well educated. she was a cool one.

today really wasn't worth writing about, nor am i in the best mood. there was no jaypea, britt, or amanda and i got belted in the head with ice andi slept, like, half the day. i guess there were good things...tweak and i played her favorite cardgame ("bullshit") in free period with marissa...and i actually won without cheating, cheating being they key mechanism of winning that particular game @_@. oh well, i still win ^-^.

jaypea skips tomorrow and britt's got pneumonia - amanda better be back!!! or i'll cry...T__T. oh hell - i'll cry anyway and blame it on the french teacher. mrs. hitler really has it in for me now, she thinks i should be the retard class (*life skills* if you will). maybe i should @_@. my grad project proposal's due in, too...they better allow me to write my book or i'm really going to hit the roof.

like you really want me doing something productive. it just gets in your way. send the unresponsive, antisocial retard to the back of the room to work on her own as you always did/will do.

*angry huffs*...i'm off to listen to the beatles (*odd little side-note* lately, instead of listening to something rebellious and/or pretensious when i'm sad/upset...like marilyn manson or the cure...i've been listening to the beatles. a lot. i just think that's weird because yeah they're a great, very important band but i'll be damned if there's any substance in there to speak of. i think i just like hearing john lennon. and ringo - *WE ALL LIVE IN OUR YELLOW SUBMARINE*...)

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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