"not guilty. for you see i have no legs"

6:28 p.m. x 2002-11-20

yes sara, we knew. we knew.

song of the day: *run run run* by the velvet underground

i'm running out of velvets songs @_@. i need the other two albums very, very soon. perhaps pre-xmas soon but i think i'll be able to wait...i haven't noticed much lately. my addictive record-buying and book-whoring have settled down recently, replaced by this little tingly feeling of contentness where as soon as it is plataeued into comfort again crashes and ebs into anxiety and intoxication...

...rachel knows ~ i had a long talk with her last night. we think the same about that sort of thing. the deep level. so do sara and i but on a different, lighter level.

but anyhoo...on to my day...

...today was *blah*. in the morning i got the official stamp of unsmart-ness from my french teacher (mr. depeyer says "la boo!"), slept through english, and went to resource and had to quickly scribble out a paragraph about my house. after that i went to lunch, which was interesting as always.

sara: i'm the shit...did you know that?! some kid told me that in photo today.

k@ri: no...you're debrah messing and i'm eric mccormack.

sara: why do i always have to be the girl?!

after that happy interlude i trudged to graphic arts where i met a really nice girl named nicole (who is so much like 5th grade amanda it's eerie...especially since she's a senior T__T), and then *ugh* geometry. minus a john paul and plus a test.

i didn't pass that test. i didn't even fail respectively. i failed MISERABLY.

i've started reading "no one here gets out alive" again. i haven't ever finished it, i just read it in short little periods over long elapses of time. i got it over easter and am on page 113 (of 396 pages).

i'm sorry jim. really.

sometimes jim was subtler, and more bizarre. when he was caught going up a stairway marked for downward movement only, he was taken before the student "border patrol" and asked "do you plead guilty or not guilty?"

"not guilty. for you see...i have no legs."

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