another case of survey-ripping

7:42 p.m. x 2002-11-27

sex: femme

cherry or apple: cherries/twiggies (...manda...)

single: have been, will be

what do you prefer, "sex" or "make love": depends on the person, i'd rather make love than have sex

do you wear pajamas or sleep in the nude: pajamas - preferably my sheer black babydoll nightie ^-^

candles or incense: candles - they set the mood better

car or truck: bus

music: alternative, goth, classic rock (some kinds i love some kinds i cannot stand), punk ('77-era), glam, and some "riot grrl"

do you believe in chain letters: not really but quite often i yeild to sending them -_-;;;

Do you sleep with your stuffed animal: barkie the dog, theo the teddy bear, babysatan, gir, and jaded jenny (soon to be accompanied by sabbath the patchwork kitty!)

do you love anyone: OF COURSE...amanda, jaypea, sara, rachel, brittany, gimpy, jason, dustin, ryan, tweaky, mandy, my aunt, babysatan, jack white, john lennon, sir paul, jessicka, courtney love, the late kurt-ness, miss bean, dennis cooper, jt leroy, rod serling, and my kitten and puppy

what's the worst thing you have ever done: escaped a friend's sleepover at 9 'o' clock in the afternoon to rescue a supposedly dying individual, thus returning at 1 a.m. to discover he was indeed alive and kicking and i was up to my ass in deep trouble @_@ thank you sara and jason, thank you

obsession: quirky, disturbing books and movies, weird music, psychology and therapy, the psychological aspects of sadomasochism, cute little boys with black hair and disturbing personality quirks (*coughjackcough*), and "behind the music"

how often do you clean your room: when the screaming becomes unbearable or the dog eats my trash

number 1 on your list to have sex with: there's a few others in mind but the answer i'd say aloud is jack white

sexiest person you know: guy: jaypea, girl: hmm...oh geez, you're all cute *hugs everyone*

what do you wanna name your kids: kennedy brian, lennon matthew, john francis, lourdes lain, lo haze, and nico lloraina

is vanilla ice cool or does he still suck: my brittany's better, *hardcore white trash rap!*

favorite cartoon: invader zim and the old bugs bunny cartoons

rather be a smurf or scooby doo: hmm...a smurf. just cause.

tyra banks or mya: iman

here are your piercings: one in each ear

jerry springer or ricki lake: i honestly never watch either one, but if i did i think i'd watch jerry

have you got any pets: mm-hmm, jodi the puppy and sam the kitty

brownies or cupcakes: brownies!!!

cat-person or dog-person: i love my puppy but i just get along with the cat better

what's better bass or guitar: bass!!! i love basses!!!

is your writing messy or neat: horribly, terribly messy

where do you want to live: london, la, or new york

how many kids do you want: i want a boy more than anything, just one son and i'll be ecstatic for the remainder of my years

habla espanol: not at all - i take french and i can't even speak that terribly well

does anyone owe you money: no...but i probably owe amanda and her mom my life savings actually ^-^;;;

are you happy or sad right now: in between - i'm quite calm compared to the way i've been lately

would you rather smoke two joints or do your homework: ew they both suck...homework i guess but i'll screw it up really bad

how's school: horrid

what do you want to be when you grow up: singer/lyricist/author/artist

do you go to church: i never attended regularly after an experience at age ten involving being hurled off a curb outside the church [[[OOOOWWWWCH]]], before that i went quite frequently, but i couldn't have told you what the fuck christianity was about from what they'd tell us

what do you do when your bored: read, watch tv (usually movies that i own or vh1), listen to music and/or practice singing, write or revise some songs, update this diary, or bother people online (usually rachel or jaypea)

beavis or butt-head: i've only ever seen "do america", so i couldn't really say

book or magazine: book, but if it's a magazine...*rolling stone*

ever seen a ghost: there's a cold spot in my room

do you believe in witchcraft: on a certain level - not hollywood witchcraft but wiccanism, i was a practicing wiccan two years ago...i kind of miss religion now T__T that was very spiritually calming for me

do you sleep with the music on: the velvet underground lull me to sleep nightly

king of the hill or the simpsons: bart's my hero

do men suck: not at all, not to me

do women suck: most definitley

ever been arrested: i came very close

mad tv or mad magazine: neither

steak or salad: steak

what's the band you hate the most: there are a few...creed, lifehouse, pod...and then the singers like kylie minogue, avril lavey, "xtina"...whathefuck...

worst tv show: "rocket power"

have you ever been cheated on: he tried but it didn't really work @_@

beer or wine: white wine, somewhat sweet and with pasta

avorite number(s): 111, 6, 13

"haha" or "hehe": neither - "maha" or "MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

bright or dark: dark

favorite radio station(s): i've never avidly listened to the radio

if you had the chance to be on titanic knowing it was gonna sink, would you still go: i'd go but sneak off before the thing went down, then sit and watch on my little get-away-boat with a sandwich and hot thermos of coffee whilst the mother goes dowwwwn

do you have a secret crush on anyone that you want to tell: do i have a secret crush: yes, do i want to tell: no


kissed your cousin: i've watched cousins kiss

ran away: not from my own house but from others'

pictured your crush naked: eh i just got a chill...i'm not gonna tell you why though

actually seen your crush naked: alas but not

broken someone's heart: it's not as though i set out to do so, but indeed i have -_-;;;

been in love: i doubt it but if i am i want out of it now cause it's fucking with my head

cried when someone died: cory, r.i.p.

wanted someone you knew you couldn't have: fuck you

broken a bone: nope, never

drank alcohol: once when i was five

lied: yes, but i really don't enjoy it very much

cried in school: oh god yes - i'm a crybaby


love at first sight: *le sigh*...

god: not completely - not the kind of god you're thinking of

kisses on the first date: i kiss things anyway

monsters: eh...i guess not

aliens: i think it's ignorant to think we're all alone

ghosts: yes

heaven: no

hell: no

cheating: *hehe*

robots: what -- like robots aren't real?!


sprite or 7up: sprite

girls or guys: guys

flowers or candy: flers

scruff or clean shaven: clean

quiet or loud: loud music, quite otherwise

pools or hot tubs: tubs

blondes or brunettes: black hair

bitchy or slutty: bitchy!

tall or short: my height

one pillow or two: a whole bed-load

pants or shorts: skirts

gap, american eagle, columbia: haha...*retaile slut!*


what do you notice first: the smile

worst thing to do: show ignorance

best place you know of to go: olive garden

short or long hair: depends on the guy

piercings or none: piercings - yes!!!


had sex: @_@ never

have been to a party: sara's fun little june-bash

had a great time with the opposite sex: wednesday - the annagram puzzle with jaypea


your good luck charm: sterling silver ankh

person you hate the most: miss cleo, not the genuine one, but one very similar therein

the worst song you've ever heard: *sk8er boi*

the best thing that has happened to you today: had really good french vanilla coffee and made fun of pictures of my dad (he once looked like the exorcist child, then sometime later, brian wilson)


movies: donnie darko, the virgin suicides, the omen, carrie, the people vs. larry flynt, mulholland drive...

books: *sarah* by jt leroy, *foxfire* by joyce carol oates, *the end of alice* by a.m. homes, *lolita* by vladimir nabakov, *fight club* by chuck palahniuk, and anything by dennis cooper

subject in school: none

online bud(s): natalie

place to go: my room, the mall, the movies

cars: hippie van minus the hippie-ness

ice cream: chocolate brownie fudge crap

sports to watch: ...DIIIIE sports DIIIIIIIIIE...

holiday: halloween and xmas

season: autumn and spring

breakfast food: coffee and biscuits!!! *dies* i'm a sad, sad biscuit fiend

place to go with your honey: my classic taurusism says romantic restaurant

place to go with your friends: the mall or my basement


makes you laugh the most: oh god, i'm such a retard i laugh at everyone equally

makes you smile the most: genuine-genuine i'm happy out of my skull kinda smile? jaypea and sara

gives you a funny feeling when you see them: *lol*...amanda, jaypea, and jason

has a crush on you: my ex, the happless mr. gimpy

who do you have a crush on: ...ummmm...take a stab at it, i bet you'll guess right

who do you like to kiss: aaawe BRITTANY!!! *MWAH!*

who has it easier...guys or girls: guys


sit by the phone waiting for a call all night: usually i do the calling

save aol conversations: not as often as i try to

save emails: there's an entire folder of my favorites dedicated to emails

wish you were someone else: yes, i've often wished i was john lennon minus the obvious death factor

wish you were a member of the opposite sex: more than would be concidered healthy for a young, marginally happy straight female...i wish i was a guy a lot

wanted to look differently: i'd rather people just stop having a problem with the way i look now. i don't think i'm nearly as fat as my dad does

cried because of someone's mean words: JAAASONNN


perfume: victria secret vanilla spray - "the cheap hooker scent" - i love it!!!

kiss: i've yet to be wowed

advice you've given: do what makes you happy

advice you've gotten: don't live life in regret

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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