rings, throats, and little gay french boys

12:41 p.m. x 2002-11-29

i'm in 325 diaryrings @_@ uck, that's too many.

T__T my night last night was exhausting. rachel bared some more of her soul to me, which was the *yay* end of the evening, then the *blah* end came when i felt the backlash of having no $$$ for gifts.

it's not my fault because it's not my money.

*cough cough*

my aunt gave me a sore throat!


i just want to relax today, and read my beatles book. two of my amazon gift orders shipped (*ma vie en rose* and *guide*). and i get home before anyone else...hmm...*plots*.

i hope they come on a day everyone's busy ^-^. especially *ma vie en rose*, amanda's going to come over right after xmas to watch that with me!

we saw it on bravo! just around this time last year and never saw it in it's entirety (or, up until a few months ago, knew the title offhand to go look for it). and now i've found it and it will soon be MIIINE ^-^ !!! that movie broke my heart it's so sad T__T it's about, in a nutshell, a little gay french boy nobody understands. but - *dies* - it is SOOOOO heartwrenchingly adorable!!!

*grrr*...i almost got *the ring* last night. "the original japanese cult classic". but i couldn't because that would've pushed my cost to over 200$, so i had to take off that and the 2 cds i've been aching and cring for (*taxidermy* and *drink me* by queen adreena). ARGH. damn my dad's lack of income.

but revenge was mine. it was a perfect 200$ when shipping was added on (plus 13 cents!).

and she didn't even have to pawn my bass guitar for the cash! i know if she did i could've gotten more, but i love my bass T__T *hugs the bass*. it doesn't care that i can't play it very well @_@. that's beside the point.

anyhoo...i'm off...i haven't eaten yet -_-;;; and i want to get to the part of my book about ringo (his nose amuses me to no end).

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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