my diary has finally caught up with my french grade!

3:17 p.m. x 2002-11-29

song of the day: *cars* by gary numan

i'm kind of enjoying the novelty of how much this diary sucks ^-^. is 25 days until xmas, 9 days until jaypea-liscence-day, 1 day until back-to-school-day (*ugh*), and roughly something like 158 days until my birthday -_-. lots to "look foreward" to.

i can't wait till jaypea drives ^-^ !!! i get to see him every morning, which is good because i want to see him more, and i escape from operah-kid. 7 a.m. is too early to have to deal with a fat boy with ADHD singing off-kilter show tunes. no matter how the driver's pleaded with his parents, they still make him get on evvvery morning T__T.

i hate that kid. and i know jaypea won't sing show tunes in a high annoying voice when he picks me up. if he does i'll explode and hopefully make a mess of the car while doing so. and i really don't want to do that, so don't give me a reason to!

*little sparks of excitement* iii can't wait till xmaaas ^-^ !!! i haven't bought that much recently so everything i'm getting has been the result of five months of patience and self-control. i wanted to order all dennis cooper's books looong ago, but border's only had two T__T

(*random side note* i bought both, and yet *frisk* is the one on my bookshelf...*my loose thread* has, i think, been forever lost to jaypea T__T i read that sucker in a day and he borrowed it in september! john paul - are you done yet? i miss that book!)

jt leroy needs to write another book. i already read and re-read *sarah* and *the heart is decietful above all things* several times T__T.

bah...brittany's at work. i wish i worked. i want to work at a bookstore - preferably barnes & noble or border's. border's, i know, you have to be 18, so i must wait on that one. how old do you have to be to work at barnes & noble? i hope it's 16 because i'd like working there.

*le sigh* i'm going to go again T__T. my throat is really bothering me now, i think i'll read a bit more in *junky* or fall asleep watching the one hit wonder's marathon on vh1. *i'll stop the world and melt with you*...

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