snickerdoodles, and rebellion in the name of ebay

3:14 p.m. x 2002-12-02

[[[*note to self - must try and get people something for christmas - even if it does end up coming from, hey, most of my gifts are too*]]]

ah yes well, today was pretty interesting. half the school population was gone on a field trip, including shannon the happlessly histrionic hyperxian ^-^ !!! so i had a shannon-free basic foods period, which was a welcome vacation even after only two classes of her after her disney trip.

i don't like her. at all. and i really do not care if she goes insane because it will be her fault and not the rest of the world's. she's trying to get the teacher fired and me expelled @_@. yes shannon - fire the teacher because she made you do a speech [*ghasp!*] and expell me because i'm telling you the truth about your dramatics [*faints*].

in geometry, we had a sub (i presume "mr. z" was out getting an ultrasound) and she was very stingy. jaypea and i weren't even being loud, he was showing me something on *the scarlet letter* (academic!...okay well we were also observing his bong but oh well - she didn't see that, i don't believe) and she yelled at us. it ended up being that he volunteered to go down to the office even though she told me to. T__T and he gave me chocolate and a book called "can you prove there is no hell?!".

*hugs for the jaypea* you are my god.

soon after that the movie we were watching began talking about geometry and god. and i was all alone. i got very, very scared - *mew*.

i had snickerdoodles from basic foods though ^-^ that improved my mood a bit. some of them tasted like butter but others were actually cinnamonly. i'm so proud - and that was becky and i all on our own (we being the bad cooks that was quite remarkable). marissa and shannon-less.

*ugh* - i got in trouble all day today. i think basic foods and resource were my only well behaved periods. in block one mrs. ditenhitler was screaming at me about how she didn't want to hear english.

she should move to france, then. i'm sorry i can't say "manservent" in french. we haven't gotten to that unit yet.

english was worse - 'tis always. that man irks my taters greatly. i fell asleep (quite on purpose, his voice makes me want to slit wrists that aren't necessarily mine) and he screamed at me everytime i leaned my head on my hand. i always do that - ah yes, it's oh so much that i was threatened with detention! NO! NOT THE HAND! NOOO!!!

...and he yelled at me for not writing down what the class was discussing. i seem to remember being yelled at a month ago whenever i'd pick up my pencil. i refuse to put up with that motherfucker for speech - i'm sorry but i can't. i'd rather have a kerosene and STD cocktail (with a lemon twist) than live with his whining for yet another semester. i can barely put up with it now.

T__T i feel so bad about jaypea...i got him in trouble! - *breaks down into tears* - ah well, it is for the good of the cause, i suppose, whatever our cause is. rebellion at all costs against those who fail to see the educational value of jaypea's dolphin-shaped bong.

yes, i said dolphin-shaped. i thought it was a pencil sharpener until closer inspection was needed to discover what was in the medicine capsule beside it.

*tisk tisk tisk*...oh well, i could never take drugs. i'm all to messed up on my own.

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