*paul is dead man, miss him, miss him* - i luff my poll

9:35 p.m. x 2002-12-04

see it down there? the paul poll. take it. pleeease. it's an ego boost for several very bored young women.

i am not on speaking terms with the "older" page right now. the luffly picture of miss janis has gone awry in it and it makes me sad T__T.

i'm thinking right now i need to ask my graphic arts companions their diary addresses. miss nicole especially - her's is very pretty. she embraces the anime geek in her, which i love - i used to be an anime geek. i'm still one, i just don't wear the keychains anymore. i still have them though...*devious giggles*. this new layout was almost a serial experiments lain layout. that's still one of my #1 favorite videos of mine to watch - that series.

it's like lynch gone anime in the year 2074. i like that - it's what inspired my taste in cult cinema. and what made me patient enough to sit through several hours of no dialogue ^-^. i'm so zen, yes.

i'm also thinking: how does temple university know me? i'm scared.

i'm being spied on by philidelphia. *nooooo!*

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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