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10:43 p.m. x 2002-12-05

"so my luggage was...vibrating?"
"nine times out of ten it's an electric razor, but every once in a's a dildo. of course it's company policy never to imply ownership in the event of a dildo...we always use the indefinite article: 'a dildo', never 'your dildo'." - fight club

good evening ladies and gentlemen and jason. your hapless hostess myssi has been sitting here at her computer ALL DAY tweaking about this thing to make it look and work better @_@ alas she probably didn't succeed but oh well - it occupied me for the day, so i wasn't running about, flailing my limbs before oncoming vehicles. see, that was what i was GOING to do before i signed on to see i had the archives fixed.

I SIGNED UP FOR A NOTIFY LIST...and you know how it works, you get a name etc. etc., they send you a password. well...I NEVER GOT A PASSWORD...hence why there's no notify list in sight. YET. believe me, i'll reign my wave of pseudogothic pink terror over all until i get my fluffin password.


i'm sitting before the fuzzy dull screen and i'm thinking...i like the ringtone of jaypea's cell. it makes me dance. it went off in class the other day and made me smile. it made mr. z all huffy but he's just jealous. his mom won't buy him a cell phone (his mom looks like a man - *adolescent giggles*).

i wish i had the *fight club* dvd. it wouldn't do me much good if i had it since i'm not allowed to watch tv in the living room (due to the graphic content of my cinematic taste), hence i couldn't ever watch it. oh well...i still want it. that and the *reservoir dogs* 10th anniversary edition dvd. even though i still have to see the movie yet. the dvd looks fun.

i've made friends this year: marissa and becky in basic foods, nicole and alex and megan in graphic arts, tweak in french, jaypea in scares me and excites me all at once that this might mean i'm becoming a sociable individual...hehe, tweak once tripped over a projector and sent the sucker flying...i was just thinking about that and it made me giggle.

"see...i could make sense if i wanted to, i just choose to confuse. why? CAUSE THAT RHYMES!" - the most intelligent thing i believe i've said all day

pepsi or coke: coke, vanilla or diet but NOT diet vanilla - it makes you give birth to the antichrist
britney or christina: ew - are you going to make me choose? noooo...*gets dragged down to mental ward
bsb or nsync: did you ever see n*sync's driven? holy phellopian tubes...justin won a beauty contest
american pie or american beauty: i can't make a fair judgement because i've yet to see american beauty
7th heaven or party of five: i bet they both suck
british accent or aussie accent: british...*mmm* it's less twangy
mandy or jessica: oh lord - fluffy and miss christian...she's almost as bad a "virgin" as britney
party or sleepover: 2-in-1
computer or tv: i miss the television, i've been online all day
borders or barnes and noble: steadily preferring barnes and noble (i'm SOOOOOO WORKING THERE...*valley girl moment*), but i still have a soft spot in my heart for borders, place of messily kept g&l sections and bad coffee
blondes or redheads: blondes - like tweak!
mtv or vh1: vh1 - it's like a senile old person in that wonderful, unexplainable way
ny or ca: nyc...don't make me sing the song
aim or msn: aim
princess or goddess: princess
glasses or braces: glasses kick ass
lipgloss or lipstick: lipstick - *red red red*
1968 or 1997 romeo and juliet: 1997 - baz luhrman is my hero
day or night: nitey nite
mcdonald's or burger king's fries: mcdonald's...burger king's taste too much like potatoes
wit or sarcasm: sarcastic wit
coffee or hot chocolate: coffee! especially espresso and capuccino
cold or hot: cold - like winter! WHEE!
lefty or righty: i'm a righty but i like lefties
friday or saturday night: saturday - snl!
madonna or marilyn: norma jeane
pretty or smart: smart
plays or musicals: plays
tom cruise or brad pitt: tyler durden (that's brad pitt, kids
blockbuster or hollywood video: video update!
real world or road rules: uck mtv-ness
gold or silver: sterling silver
sunrise or sunset: sunset *melts*
heaven or hell: i agree with the girl i stole this survey from: "hell - i'm sure i'll have more friends there when the time comes"
mom or dad: neither
pool or hot tub: hot tub!
jim carrey or adam sandler: neither
roller coasters, deadly or exciting: exciting! i luff them
drinks with or without ice: without - it melts and all goes watery
roses or daisies: roses - red, pink, white, and black ^-^
computer or phone: phone
girly or tomboy: femmy
buffy or dark angel: neither, i don't watch teen-aimed tv (err - i can't think of any i like anyway @_@
bath or shower: bubble bath
long hair or short hair: loooonnnngggg
sony playstation or sega dreamcast: BLAH video games are satan
imacs or pc's: i don't knooowww
singer or actress: singer

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
pieces of the moon
sensitive heart, you're doomed from the start
(& etc)

anybody can be just like me, obviously.
not too many can be like you, fortunately.
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