rock is dead *la la la*

3:15 p.m. x 2002-12-05

snowy dull saturday...if for nothing more than self-amusement, i'm going to tell you what CDs/LPs i own.


ac/dc back in black
ac/dc highway to hell (LP)
acid bath when the kite string pops
acid bath paegan terrorism tactics
acid bath demos: 1993 - 1996
agents of oblivion agents of oblivion
air the virgin suicides
aerosmith aerosmith (LP)
amos, tori crucify
amos, tori strangelittlegirls
angelfish angelfish
angelzoom angelzoom
apocalyptica sampler
apokalytischen reiter, die samurai
apple, fiona tidal
apple, fiona when the pawn...
auf der maur, melissa auf der maur
autumns, the the angel pool
autumns, the in the russet gold of this vain hour
azure ray azure ray
azure ray burn and shiver
azure ray hold on love


b-52s, the high fidelity (LP)
babes in toyland fontanelle
bahaus in the flat field
bauhaus mask
bahaus burning from the inside
bahaus the sky's gone out
bauhaus crackle
beach boys, the pet sounds
beatles, the one
beatles, the 1962-1966
beatles, the 1967-1970
beatles, the rubber soul
beatles, the revolver
beatles, the sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band
beatles, the the beatles (the white album)
beatles, the let it be...naked
beatles, the the beatles' second album (LP)
beatles, the the beatles '65 (LP)
beatles, the 20 greatest hits (LP)
beatles, the a hard day's night (LP)
beatles, the help! (LP)
beatles, the if i fell/and i love her (45)
benatar, pat crimes of passion (LP)
bikini kill the cd version of the first two records
bikini kill pussy whipped
bikini kill the singles
bjork debut
bjork post
bjork homogenic
bjork vespertine
bjork medulla
bjork greatest hits
black sabbath black sabbath
black sabbath paranoid
black tape for a blue girl as one aflame laid bare by desire
blondie the best of...
blue bob blue bob
blue oyster cult don't fear the reaper: greatest hits
boa the race of a thousand camels
boa tall snake
boards of canada music has the rights to children
boards of canada the campfire headphase
boston boston (LP)
bowie, david ziggy stardust & the spiders from mars
bowie, david aladdin sane
bowie, david let's dance (LP)


candypants candypants
carlos, wendy tales of heaven and hell
cars, the candy-o (LP)
celtic woman celtic woman
chevelle this type of thinking could do us in
coil gold is the metal with the broadest shoulders
coil horse rotorvator
coil how to destroy angels
coil love's secret domain
coil moon's milk in four phases
coil musick to play in the dark vol. I
coil musick to play in the dark vol. II
coil scatology
coil the ape of naples
colt these things can't hurt you now so throw them in the fire
creager, melora perplexions
crüxshadows, the telemetry of a fallen angel
crüxshadows, the the mystery of the whisper
crüxshadows, the paradox addendum
crüxshadows, the tears
culture club colour by numbers (LP)
cure, the greatest hits
cure, the three imaginary boys
cure, the seventeen seconds
cure, the faith
cure, the pornography
cure, the kiss me kiss me kiss me
cure, the the head on the door (LP)


daisy chainsaw eleventeen
damned, the new rose/help (45)
darkness, the permission to land
dead can dance into the labyrinthe
decemberists, the castaways & cutouts
decemberists, the her majesty
decemberists, the picaresque
decemberists, the the crane wife
derek & the dominos layla (LP)
diva destruction passion's price
donnas, the get skintight
donnas, the the donnas turn 21
doors, the the best of...
D.O.V.E the new beginning (demo)
drain sth freaks of nature
drain sth horror wrestling
dresden dolls dresden dolls
dresden dolls yes, virginia...


echo & the bunnymen songs to learn & sing
einsturzende neubauten halber mesche
einsturzende neubauten silence is sexy
engelsstaub ignis fatuus - irrlichter
ensiferum ensiferum
equilibrium demo 2003
equilibrium turis fratyr
evanescence fallen
evanescence the open door


fleetwood mac rumours (LP)
foghat live (LP)
foxhole we the wintering tree
franz ferdinand take me out (single)
franz ferdinand franz ferdinand
franz ferdinand you could have it so much better
frou frou detials


galas, diamanda the litanies of satan
galas, diamanda defixiones: will and testament, orders from the dead
garbage garbage
garbage version 2.0
garbage beautifulgarbage
garside, katie jane lalleshwari - lullabies in a glass wilderness
glass, philip glassworks
goblin music composed and performed by goblin: their rare tracks & outtakes collection: 1975-1981
goo goo dolls dizzy up the girl
green day international superhits!


halfcocked the last star
harvey, pj dry
harvey, pj rid of me
harvey, pj is this desire?
harvey, pj uh huh her
harvey, pj to bring you my love
headcoats, thee elementary headcoats (LP)
heap, imogen iMEGAPHONE
hendrix, jimi are you experienced?
hendrix, jimi axis: bold as love
hendrix, jimi electric ladyland
hives, the veni vidi vicious (LP)
hole pretty on the inside
hole live through this
hole celebrity skin
hole the first session
hole ask for it
hole my body, the hand grenade
hole awful (tour ep)
hole gold dust woman (single)
hole retard girl/phonebill song & johnnies in the bathroom (45)
hole dicknail/burnblack (45)
hole the edge/miss world (45)


incubus s.c.i.e.n.c.e.
interpol turn on the bright lights
interpol antics


jack off jill sexless demons and scars
jack off jill covetous creature
jack off jill clear hearts grey flowers
jack off jill humid teenage mediocrity
jane's addiction nothing's shocking
jane's addiction ritual de lo habitual
jane's addiction strays
jett, joan i love rock 'n' roll (LP)
jmc mission plexius
jmc before the storm
joplin, janis greatest hits


katatonia brave murder day
katatonia dance of december souls
kill hannah for never and ever
KMFDM angst
KMFDM naive
KMFDM nihil
KMFDM symbols
knife, the silent shout
korn korn
korpiklaani spirit of the forest
korpiklaani voice of wilderness


lacuna coil comalies
lacuna coil sampler
lazy lane the chills
led zeppelin II
lennon 5:30 saturday morning
lennon, john plastic ono band
lennon, john imagine
le tigre from the desk lady
living with eating disorders selling self-hate
living with eating disorders more than this
love, courtney america's sweetheart
lynch, ray deep breakfast


madonna the immaculate collection
madonna ghv2
madonna justify my love (single)
madonna erotica (single)
madonna madonna (LP)
manson, marilyn portrait of an american family
manson, marilyn smells like chidren
manson, marilyn antichrist superstar
manson, marilyn mechanical animals
manson, marilyn holy wood
manson, marilyn mOBSCENE (single)
manson, marilyn the golden age of grotesque
marilyn manson personal jesus (75)
marilyn manson & the spooky kids lunch boxes & choklit cows
marcy playground marcy playground
matisyahu live at stubb's
mccartney, paul back in the u.s.
mccartney, paul coming up, live at glasgow (45)
mckay, nellie get away from me
mckay, nellie the dog song/manhattan avenue (45)
miranda sex garden carnival of souls
moby south side (single)
montgomery, jocelyn lux vivens
morissette, alanis jagged little pill
morissette, alanis supposed former infatuation jukie
morissey you are the quarry
motley crue greatest hits
my bloody valentine loveless
my life with the thrill kill kult sexplosion!
my life with the thrill kill kult confessions of a knife...
my life with the thrill kill kult i see good spirits i see bad spirits
my life with the thrill kill kult the reincarnation of luna
my life with the thrill kill kult hit & run holiday
my life with the thrill kill kult 13 above the night
my life with the thrill kill kult gay, black & married
my life with the thrill kill kult diamonds & daggerz
my ruin speak & destroy
my ruin a prayer under pressure of violent anguish
my ruin to britain with love...and bruises
my ruin the horror of beauty
mysteries of life keep a secret


neutral milk hotel the aeroplane over the sea
nicks, stevie bella donna (LP)
nightwish angels fall first
nightwish century child
nightwish oceanborn
nightwish wishmaster
nightwish tales from the elvenpath
nina hagen band unbehagen (LP)
nine inch nails pretty hate machine
nine inch nails broken
nine inch nails fixed
nine inch nails the downward spiral
nine inch nails closer to god
nine inch nails the fragile
nine inch nails the day the world went away (single)
nirvana nevermind
nivana in utero
nivana unplugged in new york
no doubt tragic kingdom
no doubt return of saturn


orgy candyass
osbourne, kelly shut-up


pagan babies demo
pearl jam ten
perfect circle, a mer de noms
perfect circle, a thirteenth step
phair, liz exile in guyville
phair, liz whip-smart
phair, liz whitechocolatespaceegg
pink floyd dark side of the moon
pink floyd wish you were here
pixies, the surfer rosa
pixies, the doolittle
pixies, the bossanova
pixies, the trompe le monde
pixies, the come on, pilgrim
placebo placebo
placebo without you i'm nothing
placebo black market music
placebo sleeping with ghosts
placebo meds
police, the regatta de blanc (LP)
pook, jocelyn flood
portishead dummy
portishead portishead
pretenders, the the pretenders (LP)
psychedelic furs, the the psychedelic furs (LP)
psychedelic furs, the mirror moves (LP)


queen greatest hits I & II
queen adreena taxidermy
queen adreena drink me
queen adreena fm doll (single)
queen adreena the butcher & the butterfly


rammstein sehnsucht
rammstein mutter
ramones, the rocket to russia (LP)
rasputina thanks for the ether
rasputina how we quit the forest
rasputina cabin fever!
rasputina frustration plantation
rasputina transylvanian regurgitations
rasputina the lost & found 1st edition (limited release)
rasputina the lost & found 2nd edition
rasputina my fever broke
raveonettes, the whip it on
raveonettes, the chain gang of love
reed, lou nyc man: the collection
r.e.m. in time: the best off...
rolling stones, the 40 licks


scarling. sweet heart dealer
scarling. band-aid covers the bullet hole (45)
scarling. so long, scarecrow
scarling. staring to the sun
sex pistols, the never mind the bollocks...
sex pistols, the god save the queen (12" single)
shakira fijacion oral
shins, the chutes too narrow
shins, the oh inverted world
shins, the wincing the night away
shroud, the long ago and far away
simon & garfunkle greatest hits (LP)
siouxsie and the banshees peepshow
siouxsie and the banshees twice upon a time
sisters of mercy first & last & always
sisters of mercy floodland
sisters of mercy vision thing
skinny puppy bites
skinny puppy cleanse, fold & manipulate
skinny puppy too dark park
skinny puppy VIVIsect VI
sleater-kinney all hands on the bad one
sleater-kinney one beat
sleater-kinney the woods
smashing pumpkins, the rotten apples/judas ø
smashing pumpkins, the gish
smashing pumpkins, the pisces iscariot
smashing pumpkins, the mellon collie & the infinite sadness
smashing pumpkins, the adore
smashing pumpkins, the earphoria
smiths, the greatest hits vol. 1
smiths, the greatest hits vol. 2
smith, patti land
soft cell tainted love (single)
sonata arctica ecliptica
sonata arctica reckoning night
sonata arctica silence
sonata arctica songs of silence
sonata arctica successor
sonata arctica takatalvi
sonic youth daydream nation
sonic youth dirty
sonny & cher sonny & cher live (LP)
soundtrack 2001: a space odyssey
soundtrack a clockwork orange
soundtrack blue velvet
soundtrack carrie
soundtrack chicago
soundtrack donnie darko
soundtrack eyes wide shut
soundtrack ghost world
soundtrack girl, interrupted
soundtrack heavenly creatures
soundtrack kill bill volume I
soundtrack lost highway
soundtrack lost in translation
soundtrack magnolia
soundtrack manhattan
soundtrack mulholland drive
soundtrack the omen
soundtrack psycho
soundtrack requiem for a dream
soundtrack serial experiments lain OST
soundtrack serial experiments lain cyberia mix
soundtrack session 9
soundtrack the shining
soundtrack silence of the lambs
soundtrack taxi driver
soundtrack thirteen
soundtrack twin peaks
soundtrack twin peaks: fire walk with me
soundtrack wild at heart
start, the shakedown!
stratovarius destiny
stratovarius dreamspace
stratovarius elements pt. I
stratovarius infinite
stratovarius intermission
stratovarius twilight time
stratovarius visions
strokes, the is this it?
sublime sublime
swans the great annihilator
sweet desolation boulevard (LP)
switchblade symphony serpentine gallery
switchblade symphony bread and jam for frances
switchblade symphony the three calamaties
switchblade symphony sinister nostalgia
system of a down system of a down
system of a down toxicity
system of a down mesmerize


talking heads little creatures (LP)
talking heads 77 (LP)
t.A.T.u. dvesti po vstrechnoi
t.A.T.u. 200 kilometers an hour in the wrong lane
tool undertow (LP)
tool aenima
tool lateralus
tool 10,000 days
turisas battle metal
type o negative blooy kisses
type o negative the least worst of


umbrella tree what kind of books do you read?


v/a alright this time just the girls
v/a gothic divas
v/a boys lie! a bunch of punk rock girl bands
v/a new dark noise
v/a 12 tales
v/a goth box
v/a the black bible
v/a the unquiet grave 2000
v/a music from the succubus club
v/a saturday morning cartoons' greatest hits
vanflower, tara this womb like liquid honey
velvet underground, the the velvet underground and nico deluxe edition
velvet underground, the the velvet underground (LP)
velvet underground, the loaded (fully loaded edition)
veruca salt american thighs


white stripes, the the white stripes
white stripes, the de stijl
white stripes, the white blood cells
white stripes, the elephant
white stripes, the get behind me, satan
white stripes, the the big 3 killed my baby/red bowling ball ruth (45)
white stripes, the lord, send me an angel/you're pretty good looking for a girl - trendy american mix (45)
white stripes, the hello operator/jolene (45)


X los angeles


yeah yeah yeahs, the the yeah yeah yeahs (ep)
yeah yeah yeahs, the fever to tell


if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
pieces of the moon
sensitive heart, you're doomed from the start
(& etc)

anybody can be just like me, obviously.
not too many can be like you, fortunately.
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