now i'll play god because god never loved me this much

3:22 p.m. x 2002-12-10

am i the only one not out to randomly bruise psyches and humiliate people just for fun?!
am i the only one not interested in starting an argument with everyone i know?!
am i the only one who feels bad when someone gets judged for something STUPID?!
am i the only one who believes that you don't have to look like j.lo to be loved or fucked?!
am i the only one who feels like they're WASTING TIME?!
am i the only one who really WANTS a good education but feel like school is FUCKING THEM OVER?!

goodi goodi.

religion is fucked,
school is fucked,
the government's fucked,
entertainment's fucked...

...who says 'fuck the system?'. the system's fucking you.

*phew* - that's out of my system. my day has sucked really really bad. i found out that i have a bitterly low grade in both french and english (english especially @_@ 56%, french 76% i think). i think my geometry's a 79%. that's so good for me. i feel messed-up, i've never done that bad before and not really cared. i don't care that i'm not passing english, all i care is that if i repeat it, i don't want it with that awful sod again. i really wouldn't like another year of french (this is my last if i pass!!!), so...yeah. no more francais. PLEASE.

i've never done that awful in english. i've always liked writing and been good at vocabulary but we have to do big paragraphs in the space of 2 days, nobody gets those in, everyone fails the tests, and he doesn't give a shit. he likes to make everyone feel like losers. he hates the weird girls. yeah, i say quite specifically offbeat-looking girls he doesn't like. maybe he never had a hag growing up. well, there's a're an asshole.

on the pitifully small lighter note, i have added miss nicole's weblog and diary to the *reading* section to your right (over there -->), she's really cool ^-^ i like her. ah yes, and on a much BIGGER lighter note which almost makes up for the badness...JAYPEA IS NOW A LEGAL DRIVER!!!!!!!!!

*breaks out the vodka and kazzoos*

...and now for something completely different @_@ sort of...*hush*...i offer you these two quiz results, deeper insight into my personality (ah yes - one can tell so much about one from a quiz concerning your inner male)

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