technically the third entry of the day

6:15 p.m. x 2002-12-11

i just realized that for years i've confused *helter skelter* and *lynard skynard*. they always sounded the same to me - and today i come to terms with the fact that they are indeed different things. that's a pretty late reaction...i suppose today has been a two-steps-foreward-one-step-back-esque day.

i hav tried writing in here all day, and every single time without fail, i've not only been kicked off aol, but my computer has shut down. completely so. and the last time it was because the power went off and would not return until just moments ago. so i'm enjoying technology, tweaking about in here and listening to this cd which i haven't heard in forever. i've been doing that lately - going back to things i used to love and then kind of left idle for a few years. one day i'm gonna plop down on my bed with geek love and listen to all three original switchblade symphony albums while i watch the sailor moon s movie ^-^ just like oh so many years ago (7th-8th @_@ okay that's like three but oh well it's still nostalgia).

had a bit of an episode with janis earlier. the picture up there kept disappearing. i'm now hosting the two images here on my own, hopefully they stay >-< !!! please tell me if you happen upon this diary and a janis does not come out to greet you. *ugh* - i've done so much to this thing within today and yesterday. i had off from school today, so i just sodded about and watched that "oh-so-obscene" movie fight club and read my beatles book for the third time @_@. i'm going to wind up stealing a hard day's night, it is now to be accepted. i've already done everything there is to do to occupy my mind, except bomb kansas with tweak and jaypea. but i have to wait for that. merrr.

*public cervice announcement*
okay school, you need to give jaypea his parking pass or he can't really drive to school at all. with me or otherwise. so get your ass in gear and give the boy permission to park or you will all wake up one morning to find your cher and george michael cassettes GONE.

...that's tellin 'em.

a randomly ripped survey, whee!

WALLET: very old fashioned, long, black, fake leather-esque fabric with clear fake gems arranged on it. i love it, it was a birthday gift.
JEWELRY: hmm...a whole lot. black choker with fake gems, black star necklace, two silver ankhs, ten black bangle bracelets on each wrist, an 8-ball bracelet and a dice bracelet on the left hand, and a black strapee bracelet with fake gems and a huge clunky fake gem thing on the right
SOCKS: black and white stripedy knee-high mothers. when i wear socks anyway @_@ usually i'm wearing stockings...
PILLOW: white. i have a "white" thing with my room, my mom wants a black accent but hell, i AM the black accent...
BLANKET: white, lacy...i luff it ^-^
UNDERWEAR: ooo, haha...actually i don't put that much stock into undergarments, i just wear black cotton ones, unlike everyone else who ownes 100,000 exotic thongs from hot topic...yay for drabness...
SHOES: black mary janes, high-heeled leather zip-ups that go to the middle of my leg, my 14-hole leather babies, or 19-hole vinyl kickers...all soles 3" tall because i'm short and i need all the help height-wise i can get ^-^;;;
NAIL POLISH:, *spooky gothic doom*
BAG: black with a big pink star on it, i luff it terribly
KEYCHAIN: a bettie page one and an ankh that i don't wear as a necklace anymore
FAVORITE TOP: hmm...just a long sleeve black one from that stretch company
FAVORITE PANTS: i don't often wear them, but when i do, zip-up things that are normal when zipped, wide and baggy when unzipped (oh so nifty)
SOAP: this rose stuff i stole from my sister
PERFUME: victoria secret vanilla *yumdelish*
CD IN STEREO RIGHT NOW: gothic divas
CAR: none
TATTOOS: in the future...i'm set on getting a tattoo of a rose in my palm with the leaves and stem and intricate vines crawling up my arm...
PIERCINGS: just my ears, i'd like my eyebrow though. i'm very picky about not looking distasteful from over-piercing.
PHYSICAL: short, fake blonde with some real blonde creeping in, rainbowy eyes, northern european pale, curvy...

interesting hilights from a conversation with rachel, both by me...
"i'm gonna go to NYC and there standing around the *imagine* memorial at time square will be HIM...tall, dark hair to around his ears, dark-rimmed glasses, wearing a thrift store's worth of inventory with a *god save the queen* tshirt listening to the velvets on a headset...we'll go see a play together on broadway then discuss bizarre books and movies over coffee in one of the cute little cafes near the theatres...then back to his apartment to watch *the twilight zone* and listen to the beatles"
"i didn't think i was ever going to like anyone emotionally ever, and now...i do, and it just hits you, striking at random moments like a serial rapist. the serial rapist that is looove."
...i wish i could always be that optimistic @_@ my love life royally sucks...

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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not too many can be like you, fortunately.
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