it's a beautiful day...

5:18 p.m. x 2002-12-12 great, even having U2 stuck in my head hasn't ruined it!!!

*floats on little bed of feathers* not even shannon could ruin this day! i'm quite happy at the moment...tomorrow jaypea picks me up, and after this semester is over (!!!) I HAVE SPEECH WITH HIM!!! AND WITHOUT MR. SATANIC ENGLISH TEACHER!!! *breaks into a broadway showtune*

in french the office people called me down and my counselor had my schedule. that irked me at first because i thought i was going in to "negotiate" my schedule, not be handed a new one. it's good though...they put me in the other speech teacher's class with jaypea and instead of photo i have 3D art @_@ so i may even have shit in the art show this year! i didn't think i would...

i got another stalking-email from a college. today it's fordham. do these people know how bad i suck at english and math?! those are the two most basic, important subjects (i suppose @_@). and i'm failing both, sadly so.

well...janis is back, for now. how long this time? that thing was making me soooo maddd...on top of getting kicked off five times straight yesterday do to power outage. AGH. also added a few new interesting html tricks ^-^. upon going to link ravenheart's diary, i realized the button i used had that trick where you hover over the link and a description pops up in the corner of the screen. I HAVE LOOKED FOR THAT CODE FOREVER...*teehee* and now IIIIIII HAVE IT...

sorry if i'm being a bit schizo, but i've searched and searched for that code forever @_@. so yes, the verdict was good...oo oo, and tweakie pie gave me three books to read! she's my hero i luff her...

violet & claire by fancesca lia block
hard love by ellen wittlinger
speak by laurie halse anderson

merci le tweak!!! *hugs* i now have something to do with my nights of chronic un-sleep @_@. i've re-read every book on my shelf (alas - jim morrison will just not finish! finish, jim morrison bio, finish!). jaypea has had my loose thread since september...*le sigh*...that boy needs to finish it, i miss it T__T.

i'm off to wally world now ^-^ au revoir...

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