2:54 p.m. x 2002-12-13

my. day. kicked. ass.

slept in several minutes (yes...that makes a big difference for me), got picked up by jaypea, went to school, coasted through most of the day (more on that in a moment @_@), then set off home in l'elantra de john paul (!!!!!!!). WHEEEE!!! jaypea, rachel, and another girl, *what's her naaame*...i think it's christa but i'm not sure. i'm not all there right now. JESUS TWEAKY...yooouuu haaave tooo cooome wiiith uuusss neeext tiiime!!! i'm so ecstatic i may explode! *explodes* ugh, never mind...that hurts too much *meep*.

janis is still on the blink. i don't know what's up her ass but SHE WON'T STAAAYYY!!! but oh well. i'm in too good a mood for that to effect me right now.


okay now...last note here. the "most of" up top referrs to basically all day except a slightly annoying (but amusing nonetheless) incident in graphic arts in which alex dowsed me in my vanilla spray and i wreaked *like the dickens* all through third period @_@. i think i've killed nicole's sense of smell. i made alex's curl into a fetal position and convulse ^-^ woohoo!

bye for now...i'll return later to poke you continuously...

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