my evening in the mental ward with larry flynt and miss rachel

3:13 p.m. x 2002-12-15

*dies* 'tis 3 'o' clock. i went to bed at 6 @_@. what exactly did we do that took that long?!

last night around...erm, i believe it was like 9-ish, rachel called and said it was okay for me to come over, and she only lives a bit away from me so my mommy dropped me off...and we screwed around until 6?! i think i lost time somewhere in there. i know we watched the people vs. larry flynt and rachel decided he was god, and then girl, interrupted when she decided to become lisa. oh - and she called ryan and i sat there and listened to the hives, doing disturbing little dances. all of the above while i was wearing only my night clothes *blah*...i hate going places unprepared.

i'm the kind of freak who has to be fully dressed and have make-up on if i want to go anywhere. and what's worse is i don't live in a household as such...everyone else is a fluffin slob.

*internal conflict brewing*...jaypea's away message reads " me i'm bored! very...wake me up!", and being the nosy freak i am, i usually would. but...i don't like calling jaypea. he's too quiet and it makes me uncomfortable -_-;;;. i love talking to him though...hence the aformentioned internal conflict.

OOO - rachee got me an xmas gift T__T !!! cupcake-scented glitter *lol*. that sounds so un-me but i luff it. i'm a pasterie-scent-fiend. so since she got me something i'm burning her jack off jill's clear hearts grey flowers. AH YES - and speaking of xmas-ness...jaypea's gift came ^-^. THANK's smaller than i thought it was @_@ they said it was going to be huge but it's quite a nice little size...he could fit it in his locker (were his the one he uses @_@).

*public service announcement*

*ahem* you may have noticed that janis is indeed gone for good. why you may ask? well...she simply didn't work T__T and as much as we all wuved her she's been replaced by jessicka of jack off jill. ah yes - and the poll has changed on behalf of my nun's request ^-^.

so...that was everything? i feel like i've failed to mention something...oh yes, rachel and my new battle-cry:

rachel: this is my lesbian!
k@ri: this is my crackwhore!

i love my friends and our absolute failure to commit to reasonable social standards ^-^.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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