and isn't it ironic...

3:00 p.m. x 2002-12-18

amazing. in some certain karma has taken a sudden and, though hoped for, unexpected turn for the verrry much better ^-^. let's say something i'd hoped for happened. i thought i'd ruined my oppertunity! today was just so good and nice and calm, and i was hearing good songs in my head all day...that strange ashanti song, the "i'm so happy" one, in french class...then in english (EEK) "zero" by the smashing pumpkins...3rd block i started hearing alanis morissette and then at the end of the day jaypea drove me home singing counting crows. beeeaaauuutiiifuuul.

so yeah, actually, i had a really kickass day ^-^;;; just as i'd hoped. it was nice to get something i hoped for, for once. this entry still sounds kind of down...meh, its 3rd block's fault. they called me down to the office and handed me a referal for my acting-out in english class.

*note to my schoolboard - you losers, you know who you are*
you've dated my detention for 1.2.02, do you realise that was a year ago? okay...just wanted to make that clear ^-^.

but i knew that was coming @_@ so it doesn't matter...

*le sigh* i'm sorry for yesterday's confusing, cryptic entries. i try and code things as best i can to get to people without just starting a fight by saying something rude to them...i don't know, i can't stand fights. they irk me to the "nth" degree. so when somebody hurts me i'm more inclined to just go cry about it and write down mean, weird things than i am to tell anyone what's bothering me. usually i hope they can't tell, but my entire personality tends to shift when i'm it's pretty hard to avoid someone noticing.

i must remember the following for later...draw brittany a picture, burn sara & rachel their cds, and get to bed before 1 goals for today ^-^ hehe...i think one will get done, the other will take two days, and the other...woooon't happennn...*damn insomnia*

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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