you smell like only sunshine

8:07 p.m. x 2002-12-20

*sniffs* whoosh...i can still smell the sunshine all the way in here ^-^. you see, today tweakerz gave me an xmas gift (ah yes, and since my burned cd for her failed to be nice *smacks the dumbass burner*, i shall go to border's tomorrow, my tweak, and you will get a genuine copy ^-^ !!!). her giftlette to my was incense...*mmm* i love it. "you were always saying how jaypea smells like sunshine, so, i bought sunshine-scented incense!" that's my girl *subliminal hugs*. she also made a little holder for them (!!!) and it came with a lovey little candle...alas the poor thing died -_- or the glass part of it did - the candle itself is fine ^-^ and the cracks seem to make it quite pretty *plays with the handicapped candle*.

my i'm bored...*falls into narcoleptic blackout*...i wish i was more fun to hang out with @_@ maybe then i'd have plans for the rest of the month...but nooo @_@ i'm the one who's only good for the 6 hours 5 days a week deal you're put through annually - against your will no less! oh i feel fantastic about that T__T jesus i'd like my time to be valuable to someone.

sitting beside me is a rented copy of requiem for a dream and my bed is calling my name. for once, my name and not kevin bacon's ^-^ aaawe...there, my bed wants my time, and i'd like it to have it, so i'll be off now, i need to catch up with the year's lost sleep thusfar - *ugh*. i'll bother you again tomorrow, no doubt.

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