a lovely surprise to kick off my vacation

1:45 p.m. x 2002-12-21

"hitler's syphilis-ridden dreams almost came true. how could it happen? by taking control of the media. an entire country was being run by a lunatic...we must protect our first amendment, before sick dreams become law...NOBODY MADE FUN OF HITLER??!" - perry ferral of jane's addiction

innnteresting evening last night...as i closed the previous entry and proceeded to watch requiem for a dream, the anxiety and the mood of the movie made me very nervous and upset (needless to say i'm buying it very soon ^-^), and it made me want to go downstairs and discuss my current issue with my mom (see the previous, insanely cryptic entries i wrote for three days straight @_@). just as our little confessional came to a close - there came a ring ring ring on myssi's phone, and the caller id was our good friend mr. ryry's. of course - the actual caller was rachel - homeless and in need of shelter. ryan's dad wouldn't allow her to stay there, so my mom agreed to having her over if she could speak to her mom or dad first, the usual parental shit, and then *poof*...we host a rachee for the evening.

i never got to see the end to requiem for a dream -_- but we did watch part of rachel's xmas gift from ryan (the metallica "live shit" box set) as well as carrie. well - she watched that, i fell asleep because i was already whiped out from what had been a very odd day.

riding home the other day on the bus made me realize how nice it was to be driven. jaypea's car is so calm and nice compared to that bus (even with his driving @_@ *grips the dashboard*) i'd force my mom to take me when he can't if i could...the only really big perk about bus riding for me is that my bus ride is ten minutes, which translates to two songs i can hear on my ride. i still miss jaypea's car though...T__T if i don't see him over the course of this entire vacation i think i'll implode...quite possibly in a public place like mcdonald's or something. i have the oppertunity to see everyone but him...*whaaa*...

oh speaking of the other one who's escaped my grasp - we have updated news on the whereabouts of bird boy (for the little bastard was online last night)! his step-dad is currently in neotiations about moving, alas, not back here but...abroad. he's going into the army and toting bridie to germany, japan, and hawaii @_@ !!!

he has to send me postcards or i'll send him...sara.

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