i would have the childrean of maria sjöholm

2:31 p.m. x 2003-01-01

i wish that i could hold you
i wish that i could hate you
i wish that i could hold you one more time
just one more ti-i-ime

maria sjöholm, flavia canel, anna k, and martina axén are my new father, son, holy ghost, and dave thomas. *squeeee! of delight* and they thank sharon osbourne in their liner notes...*applause*.

i am listening to this for the sixth straight time. sheesh, i'm addicted. but i must find someway to pry myself away from it before tomorrow, when i return to inner depths of hell's cafeteria -_-;;; my schedule doesn't change until the 17th and before that - FINALS. WHHEEEE!!! *ugh* - the one "up" thing here is that i always do good on the finals. i don't know why - i'm not a test person in any sense, i just don't suck at finals. they often end up being what lets me pass.

let me state this: THE GRADING SYSTEM FOR THE GEOMETRY HOMEWORK WAS QUITE LEGITIMATELY FUCKED-UP. really. you could earn up to 5 points of every homework assignment and I ALWAYS GOT A 3. that's a 60%. that means i got one 60% a day. I DID THE MOTHERFLUFFIN HOMEWORK. *bangs her head upside the wall* at this point - all i can do is pray for a schizophrenic episode to get me out of the system completely. at this point, i don't care, they can drag me off to sing sing in an ugly little hospital gown strapped to the stretcher, as long as it means i'm away from that sickening little brick building.


i hope jaypea can pick me up. i miss him severely. an his little "i gave today!" mcdonald's sticker on his dashboard. and his rainbow mickey mouse antenna topper...oh come on, you would too! IT'S A CUUUTE CAAAR...

i talked to rachel until all hours of the evening last night. waaay too long. her mission for the new years is to outrun the memory of "the shipley" and become free of her emotional trappings of "the one that got away". if she succeeds, i'll find a way to buy her a whole crate of banana rum (her favorite liquor), and all odds aside @_@ i really hope she DOES succeed cause she needs escape from the restriction and self-pity. BEING HAPPY DOESN'T SUCK THAT BAD...

...which i finally am again, happy, that is ^-^. a quiet little evening with the white album and the shining does wonders for my mood.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
pieces of the moon
sensitive heart, you're doomed from the start
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