my detention with ringo

4:58 p.m. x 2003-01-02 first detention ever. didn't suck. i suppose i'm the kind of person made to deal with sitting still for two hours content within my head. i listened to freaks of nature...againnn (and it was still as good as the first time)...wrote three songs, and read a bit of anthology. i'm glad only one other girl had a two-hour today, so i didn't really look to odd sitting on that awful stool (OH ass took this punishment baaad...) with this huge book propped up on my legs. i re-read john's section, then skimmed through paul's and george's, then read ringo's. i feel as though i've read paul & george's sections already...probably while i was on the asti @_@.

rachel says she'll be glad when my beatle's "thing" goes away. i won't -_-. she was supposed to have detention with me today but she skipped it. at least the little fucking anthology couldn't skip it - *hisssss*.

well that was bitter. hmmph...i'm in a bitter mood. i want to curl up on my clean white bedding and take a nap listening to 1962-1966 ^-^ that'd make me happy.

ah yes - on a final note, someone signed my guestbook - this individual was the last person to sign it (not rachel, as it now appears), but if they happen to see this i just want to make one little note:

i really don't like THAT word. i'm sorry.

in your diary or diary address...hey, it's your space, you can do as you wish, but i'd appreciate it not popping up in my space ^-^. i don't hate you or anything, not at all, i'm imposibbly honored that people sign my guestbook ^-^ i'm feverishly attention-starved, and i do appreciate your concideration completely.

...damn this day has gone to hell...

very final note: snickers, you're my hero...most of those freshman do suck (except my tweakie ^-^).

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