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10:46 p.m. x 2003-01-03

hmm...the pic i put up in the last entry is calling me @_@ if i had any html skill i'd build a layout around it (it's nearly as big as miss j up there...hmmm...should i? err - not now, but someday...). i'd really like to get into designing diary layouts, but that'd have to wait until i've got a shizzload of free time on my hands (in general, i mean - i'm desperately bored sometimes @_@ but on average, well...hey it took me until 4:30 to finish homeworking the other night and i'd been busy all up until then!).

ladeedee...read a bit of mysterious skin by scott heim today. very good, but i'm really longing to sit down with my new dennis cooper books. i first read about him on the marilyn manson message board when somebody asked whether or not dennis cooper had ghostwritten the long hard road out of hell. he hadn't, someone answered, because both marilyn manson and trent reznor had declined to be interviewed by him for spin magazine, as he was just too weird.

so obviously he did not ghost write for our dear friend brian hugh warner (too bad, that would've been damn cool). immediately following this, seeing that these two interesting characters had been so put off by a little writer, i went and looked up his work on amazon. at the time i had no $$$, but i found a short story of his on nerve.com, which you did NOT used to need to subscribe to in order to read their stuff!!!...*pulls her hair out*.

about an hour ago i tried watching a hard day's night with my mom. she rued over how smooth sir paul's skin once was and compared the thickness of his accent to john's. she fell asleep when the clean old man popped up on the stage of the operah, so i escaped to go listen to you've got to hide your love away and norwegian wood on repeat...ooover and ooover...the velvety vocal magic of john winston/ono lennon...*melts into a little myssi-puddle, the proceeds to evaporate*

i feel sooo tempted to go do that again but i think i'll wait till a little later in the evening. i'll probably be up until three or something, anyway, trying futiley to draw george. he's the hardest, but ringo's too easy - i've done so many marilyn manson doodles that i've got the big nose thing down flat. i guess i need to work on my paul a bit, too. he worked the first time and hasn't since. i can do a great john cartoon but him realistically is a bitch @_@ hmm...that takes care of my evening's agenda then, i suppose.

i think i might leave you now, then. i'm supposedly talking to tweak but, i think she and john paul are conspiring. i don't know. but i'm too tired to keep up an impressive conversation and i really want to go listen to the rest of 1966-1970, so i guess i'll be off then ^-^ bye-ness.

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