don't step in my sacred circle!

9:04 p.m. x 2003-01-05

"at walton village fete i met him. i was a fat school-boy and, as he leaned an arm on my shoulder, i realised that he was drunk...we went on to become teenage pals." - sir paul's account of his first meeting john lennon, from the introduction of in his own write

i can't believe i forgot to mention this @_@ as it was probably thee most interesting part of my day today.

as mentioned in the previous entry, i was out avec my mommy at barnes & noble earlier. we were about to leave mom remembered the original reason for the trip: to get me an application for employment. while she did that i passed the entrance and, just then, a man passed by and said "don't step in my sacred circle!"

if you ask me - he should've left it at home if he didn't want anyone in it. i have mine safely nestled in my closet for when extremely necessary. if i traipsed about with it all day, of course people would get in the thing. that's like wearing velvet in a dusty room - things are going to get into it. *tisk tisk*...that was great though. i did the curteous thing and apologized for invading his circle de sacredosity and backed away, but if you ask me his sacred circle stepped into me...!!!

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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