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4:36 p.m. x 2003-01-05

which beatle are you?

hello everyone. day went oddly, or what i've spent of it. i woke up to the sound of my mother screaming about how much she spent this past xmas (at around 11 - that's insanely early for me on a weekend), so i quickly got up and got dressed so i wasn't yelled at later for taking two hours to get out of bed like i usually do (as i was supposed to be busy today).

after this i watched my mom sort out reciepts and we discussed why ringo had it so tough throughout his career with the beatles. after this, as promised, we went driving. it was snowing before that, it snowed as we drove, and it's snowing now. why did we go out? well - she promised, for one thing. we were driving along with chinese food wedged in between the front seats when she suddenly decided we were going to try and get to barnes & noble to get me an employment application thingee. it's a tiny bit of a drive there and on the way we passed an accident which, of course, she freaked over. so i put sir paul on and she calmed down a bit, just until we got there, then i kind of lost her for about a half-hour.

when i found her again we looked at the rolling stone harrison book (which she complained about as we didn't have enough $$$ to get it today - next time, mom, next time). then she went off to look for rod stuart and ask about requiem for a dream (i CANNOT find one goddamned copy of that book ANYWHERE T__T !!!), and i kind of sat myself beside the music shelf. i was piffed because there were a load of books on sir paul and george but none on john (there are never any on ringo...i'd be so set to boycott if i didn't really really want to work there...). and suddenly, on the shelf beside me, i saw a little navy hardback peaking out from amidst several looming paperbacks about johnny rotten and drugs - in his own write by john lennon - which is currently sitting happily beside me as i write this entry ^-^.

*plays with her new earrings*...i called amanda a bit ago to wish marilyn manson a happy birthday (that was supposed to sound as odd as it did, yes), and she hasn't called me back. i think she's gone into a mechanical animals coma for the day (it's an annual thing - let our resident spooky kid have her special day). i'm awful with dates -_- i really need to mark up my calendar more (i'm a bit scared to hurt this one though - it's too pretty! january is the hard day's night cover!). i'm not nearly as bad as my mother, though - where on december 8th she said "happy birthday john". if you know anything about him you can clearly see the sheer absurdity of that statement @_@. that made me feel sooo sooo smart...

does anyone out there know a nice no right click code i can use for a picture?
...terrible possessive little moi wants to post one of her works of "art" in here...

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