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11:52 a.m. x 2003-01-09

hello from third block on odd days: the pleasant chemically-scented class that is GRAPHIC ARTS, in which we learn how flammable children's shirts are, which dysfunctional care bear we are, and in what amounts one should apply victoria secret's vanilla lace.

meanwhile my amanda is curled up in the nurse's office T__T because it's speech final day. she being the george, the silent one, in which speaking isn't in the contract, she really is not a big fan of speech, and her project isn't prepared at all.

that shows my influence on her ^-^ hehe...!!!

sorry i wasn't here yesterday, you wouldn't want me to have been. i've been very sick and verrryyyy TIRED lately - i blame it on jaypea, his sleepiness is contagious...anyway i was trying to get my little profile all well and prepared as i think it's been neglected slightly...and what happens?! of course - i get kicked off. so i saw no real use in trying to redo my day's lost computer-oriented productivity. damn.

amanda should be coming over this weekend, we have to watch ma vie en rose because we saw it together on bravo! two years ago and didn't catch the title (we saw from the part where ludovic first comes out to the party dressed as a princess to the part where he's beaten in the locker room). so that we must do, and i want her to see party monster, a hard day's night, and gummo...all of which have certain special significance and we don't know when we'll be seeing each other that long again.

probably in two weeks @_@.

i can see the wood room from in here and i've decided it'd be cool to have an apartment that looked like it. the wood room, i mean, it's shaped cool. there's even a space that could be a bedroom, a place where a kitchen would fit...the only rather un-apartment-esque feature would be the large, dangerous, metallic wood-working objects scattered about the main floor.

that kind of ruins it, yes.

my brain's completely fried: the other day i was perusing music on ebay and happened upon a beatles 45 from a hard day's night with the songs if i fell and and i love her on it, and i thought "oh i liked them - i'll bookmark this", and very shortly afterwards my aunt calls. we talk for a bit and then she asks exactly what my uncle david allowed to be removed from a two-decades-old record case to be given to me. i knew i had the beatles' second album and the beatles '65 and a one-sided 45 of sir paul, live in glasgow, but i didn't remember the other one.

of course - it was if i fell and and i love her. i wish i had attention to pay things. oh and i bought a hat ^-^ so i'm quite happy, something came out of bothering ebay that day.

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