jai guru deva *ommm*

2:53 p.m. x 2003-01-14

i guess the AMAs depress me or something, but i was up for a bit last night sobbing in bed. just sitting, i can't remember if i was reading or listening to my headset (both, i believe, as i'm beginning to think it happened twice), but i all the sudden just started crying to myself very quietly but very consistantly. something's really bothering me but i can't pinpoint exactly what.

it's either something i can't place or the all-too-obvious...or both >-< GRRR i confuse me...

anyhoo my emotions were on the skidds today. one minute i was very happy and after just one little off-comment i felt like bawling. marissa doesn't like lucy in the sky with diamonds, which i was just spontaneously singing to myself after basic foods, and she yelled and said it was annoying. she meant the song, not my voice (which is one of the select few things about myself i'm proud of), but that's how my warped brain took it and i started tearing-up (i'm such a fluffin crybaby...i know, i know).

then she suddenly realized her mistake and blurbed out something like "you're voice is as pretty as flers!" and i started laughing insanely. ah - but i still luff my little sped!

ooh, i've also had my diary re-reviewed at diaryreviews...i did the exact same jump with my math adverage in seventh grade. it brought back terrible memories of a short-sighted troll teacher but nonetheless i'm pleased to have a 99 instead of a 56 (though the latter does sound more...me...).

reporter: what's your favorite part of america so far?
john lennon: ...you...

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