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11:52 a.m. x 2003-01-15

in a fit of tears and anger, as god by john lennon fuzzed over my computer's speakers, i was all set to pour my little heart out into an entry full of late evening stir-craziness and bitter resentment of all that i trust.

then the motherfluffer kicked me off. meh.

so you see - i had a very tough night last night. i'm in a very sad, insecure place and i'd really like some sort of vacation from it. by that i don't mean time off of school, but rather time away from here and (some of these) people.

don't get the wrong idea though, some of you are great *winks and blows a kiss in your general direction* and are the glue and masking tape that hold my little fractured psyche together, so don't think this is a general hate-rant against everyone, it isn't.

i'm just very fed up with some peoples' disregard for my feelings, that and school is frustrating the piss out of me >-< !!! both marissa and my friend natasha i know have failed english and are retaking it with me - WOOHOO!!! we and several others...there is something clinically fucked with the grading system in there.

last night i wrote a three-page-eleven-paragraph-long essay comparing and contrasting (hehe...sooo me) courtney love and yoko ono, and i worked REEEALLY hard on it and I KNOW I'LL GET A D!!! cause that's how things work in there.

that's how i spent all of last evening @_@ cooped up on the computer thinking "i'll cheer myself up by burning plastic ono band" because i reallyreallyreally want that album (which i DO intend to buy, possibly this sunday!), and so i set out to download the sucker.

it took until one-thirty, as did my courtney/yoko essay, and after printing that i proceeded to burn the album so i could have a consistant comfort throughout today...

...AND IT DIDN'T BURN!!! of course.

i still have my consistant comfort though, i read a lot of the lennon bio and have spent most of today asleep ^-^. oh oh - and i didn't get called a shroom today in french! YAAAY!!!

*interesting points of the day*: rachel wore fishnets and a mini skirt with play boy bunny flip flops (verrry interesting...verrry rachel), jaypea takes out his agression on tweak's cappuchino, marissa tries to exorcize me, and alex and i reflect on why everything's made out of little dots.

...whoooaaa...yay for daily revelations ^-^.

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