"we want MORE for wearing LESS"

3:08 p.m. x 2003-01-18

forgive the lack-of-entry yesterday, see, i was writing one, THEN YOU KICKED ME OFF. *argh* anyhoo - i wasn't in school yesterday. i wasn't sick either, and i was supposed to go, i just chose not to. i've had an emotionally blah week and just needed the escape @_@ so i slept...aaall dayyy...and jaypea even came to get me!!! poor darling, i thought he'd said he wasn't going to!!! AAAWE...*hugs for my best male companion* i appreciate my john paul's efforts, i do.

after finally waking up (which is a bit before everyon was due to arrive home...*huff*) my dad and i went to borders and i got the 1000 days of beatlemania issue of mojo and the love you make...and no amanda i am NOT OBSESSED, stop snickering!!!

so today i went over there again ^-^ and i got (YEEESSSS ANOTHER ONE) all we are saying with john + yoko. and, from the mall, i got a collevtion of vintage pin-up girl pictures. it's great ^-^ beeeaaauuutiiifuuulll - that's what pretty girls look like, not these emaciated little leathery BLAHS that we have prancing around in ugly aqua dresses *shudders*...j.lo IS the enemy.

OOO OOO - AND I GOT A HAT!!! not the hat that i got off ebay but another one, and it's SOOO AAAAAAAAAAWE...i'm very proud of my hat ^-^. it's black, looks a bit like the kind john and ringo used to wear (hmm - that HAS to be coincidence, doesn't it?). hats look cute on me - it's amazing. i'm the kind of person where nothing is flattering and yet i pull off hats *little triumphant smiles*.

i've gotta make a trip to blockbuster this weekend, scar-ling has reminded me of how much i miss norman bates T__T. i'm buying that movie as soon as help! comes in (i ordered it...you can't yell at me now!!!).

HAAAA!!!! told you
which beatle girl are you?

*rampant spastic waves* BYE!

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