"edgar IS the one"

3:40 p.m. x 2003-01-22

so sorry T__T i was absent again yesterday! well - again - you wouldn't have wanted me here, i was a substantial mess. you see - we had an english assignment (yeah, that class again @_@) which was a few paragraphs of comparing and contrasting two things that were "similar enough", so i did courtney love vs. yoko ono, knowing i'd be able to really get into it. and i did - i wrote up a storm and had this lovely eleven-paragraphs-long opus (i'm a minamilst so i try and condense things when proving a point, and mr. cunt hated that, and always screeched to add more too it, so...i did). i was very proud of this essay, i had my entire row of comrades in the fight-against-mr. cunt campaign proofread it and it earned rave reviews, so i was very confident upon handing it in, as the last assignment of a horrible semester, that it was my ticket to bowing out with dignity.

and what does the fucker do? hands it back and says "it's too long".


*end of primal scream therapy session* speaking of which, he was pretty fluffin' lucky that i had therapy after school yesterday or i would've torn into him soooooo bad. and then he had the nerve to talk to me about "what a rough semester" i "seem to have had" - well you STOOGE, YOU'RE the reason it was "rough"!!! i feel so, so bad for whatever poor little callboy is stuck with his lame ass. i'll come rescue him and throw mr. cunt in a highly flammable box of some sort.

okay, moment of total and utter stupidity: anyone watch american idol the other night? WHO'S A FAN OF EDGAR...come on, edgar IS the one!!! *twitches spastically* no really - my sister started her own little crusade for edgar, it's great...and if those assholes have ANY concept of music or art at all...they'll pick that frenchy girl. she's my hero ^-^. i wish i was black so i had a deep, commanding voice as such. alas i'm stuck with my little white girl voice and lungs that are still giving me issues (though not as much as last year - wheee!!!). i'm still going to be a singer, though. i say: would you rather me handle your taxes or something? noooo. noooo yoooou doooo NOT.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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