finals finale, yippidy skippidy bippidy whoosh

7:36 p.m. x 2003-01-23

today was the oddest day i've had all year. to begin with, i only had one final today ("that's a good thing" - martha) which was to take place in my second block slot (it was for my fourth block class, though). so it was supposed to start around 9, which ment yay! i get to sleep in! so i set my alarm for seven, and the strangest thing happens. a gas leak invades the school and there's a two hour delay (funny as the actual day wasn't even two hours long). but i didn't know what time i was to get up then, and when conciousness finally reared its ugly head again, i quickly jumped into an outfit and did all my *preparations* as my dad pushed me out the door (i didn't even get breakfast T__T). when i arrived, no one was there yet @_@ and jaypea came in behind me saying "where were you?! i went to get you!"

damn you, dad. daaamn yooouuu.

and after all that sleep - i'm still tired @_@ insanely so. AND AMANDA STILL HAS THE LOVE YOU MAKE FROM YESTERDAY...*goes into withdrawl* i'm not done with it yet!!! ah well - tomorrow we have bio together first thing, i'll steal 'er then.

MMM - I GOT A LUNCHBOX ON EBAY ^-^ !!! it's cute and adorable and TIN *plays drum on it* and you'll never guess who's on it...okay, i have a problem, but i love my problem and it's a great preoccupation from my actual problems. what better remedy for inane depressive mood swings than a rousing chorus of i am the walrus in the middle of a crowded room?! NONE. j'adore mes quirks and i'm very proud of them (especially the aformentioned obliviousness - i never care about people watching me do stupid things in public).

current clique count: 70. that's depressing, chreest. i'm addicted to those little 50x50 buttons. they're CUTE...*hugs all 40 of them*! i'm not even listed on half of those, many i just applied to - some have not and never will notice me, i'm sure. but either way - go join them, they're all for good causes. everything from homoeroticism on tv to sir paul to lesbian models to sailor moon! such diversity. go me.

AND EVERYONE - direct your attention to the right of the window and click on the "nick" link. download his stuff and SUBMIT TO THE WONDEROUS MUSINGS OF THE other words he is a very talented young individual AND he likes the white album. martha says it's a good thing, and it is. it is.

p.s., YAY FOR ENTRY # 200!

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