"can i say it??? bloody 'ell!" - jaypea

4:51 p.m. x 2003-01-28

i think it's jaypea's secret aspiration to be british. it's so cute, watching him try so hard and invariably fail. BUT YOU TRIIIED...that's the important part!

hmm, okay...yesterday's entry seems so redundant now. the speech teacher has outdone the bio teacher's dumbness with a statement confusing the location of the labia. it is not in your mouth, ma'am. at least my labia isn't in my mouth, i don't know about her's...i don't care to get that personal with her. speech today was great though, i love that class. today we did interviews, and when asked about pets, jaypea said "i have a dog named dudley-do, and since my [step?]dad's last name is wright, it's dudley-do wright". also included amongst his pets were baxter the fish, two cats, a vine, grilled cheese, and a midget named k@ri ^-^ (not to be confused with your hostess...err, even though that was the intention). jaypea promised for the demonstration speech he'd show everyone how to apply condoms with your teeth (...i hope so, i do, i do...). and that brings me to gym, *hehe*...

interesting revelation: gym doesn't suck that bad! well today we didn't do anything, but still. ashley, tiffany, amber, and yet another amanda, all nice girls, are in there with me...we all sat around discussing lewd acts as our "special friends" (life skills, if you will) played battle-ball. i'll never hear the song "if you're happy and you know it clap your hands!" the right way again. it's just ruined now...ruined...*giggles maniacally*.

oo, what now...

what beatles' song are you?

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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