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3:03 p.m. x 2003-01-31

from me and all the "voices" in my head that the speech teacher wants to shut up...

i can't remember anything without a sadness so deep that it hardly becomes known to me
feel better!!!

excuse my absence yesterday, as there wasn't time to write an entry. i promised rachel and sara i'd burn clear hearts grey flowers and i've been TRYING for the past month, so last night i sat down with the computer and worked out the kinks in the tracks (the goddamn real player didn't record tracks 1 & 2 properly @_@;;;). so hopefully they work. before that, i had speech yesterday. jaypea was great in predicting poor kim's future, "...and her ambition in life is to marry a nascar man and birth a truckload of babies. her hobbies include lying about flying plains..."

*ugh* - today wasn't so eventful.

i doled out the burned cds (all apologies to the memory of jack off jill) and headed off to the library with amanda. i've never even been in the book-shelf-lined part of the library...that was a first. so, realizing there were no books on mormons (don't ask if you don't want to know), i blew 30 cents copying pictures from books on the 60s (and guess what they were of!).

*squirms*, i'm wearing pants and sneakers. i feel so scrubesque.

i'm so happy about the scarling. 45 ^-^ !!! so the month of march won't suck entirely, as i thought it might. a lot goes on in march, i think it's the end of the marking period (i really couldn't tel you, i don't know where those things begin and end).

...so enough with the day's boringness. on to my current emotional issue.

i think in my "deepest secret soul" i'm an alone person. i like having time to myself and i like to deal with problems internally before i let lose on some poor unsuspecting sod. so when i'm trying to handle an emotion or i have a problem and something keeps getting in the way of that, it's harder and harder to stop and it's just fueled even more. *opens her entertainment weekly* - HA! i'm supposed to believe that's j.lo's body, eh? her head, yes, but the body??? uuugh, that's too wrong. at least it derailed my mind from my problem. i'd thank you, j.lo, but i'm still going to deface your picture by now sticking your head on the body of pope john paul (jaypea!)...

*hugs* au revoir.

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