three johns, a paul, and two mormons

5:25 p.m. x 2003-02-01

last night i sank into bed early (11:30 ^-^;;;) in order to get a nice evening's sleep. this morning at around noon i was awakened by mom and asked "how'd you like to go to panera?". i really did want to but my frizzled little brain, still spinning from the edible cells in bio and my research project on mormonology, said "SLEEP, YOU STOOGE". so i did. i eventually got up and decided "hmm, while i'm out, i'll talk her into getting the elementary headcoats record" because, you know, i had all day. then the phone rang and amanda asked if i wanted to go to the library and poke about for research. SO, i had an hour to go out, eat, and zippy into the record store (where elementary headcoats was 25$, so it's on hold instead) and got the help! and a hard day's night soundtracks. THEN - i spent an hour in the library with manda poking about for books on mormons and susan b. anthony...well, yes, for the first five-or-so minutes. the rest of the time was dedicated to books on john lennon and squeaky fromme. i was successful, manda's still looking -_-. poor manda.


myssi is in the process of putting up ads all over la in search of her musical soul mates and she is seeking women to complete her project this time

kari is getting a proper christmas bonus
kari is the type of girl you wished you knew in highschool
kari is both talented and brilliant
kari is known for her heart energy
kari is classy
kari is lain
kari is bad?
kari is a ballerina
kari is an ultramodernkari is probably the video instructor i'd most like to meet
kari is the 2002 women's world hang gliding champion
kari is about to be sucked into the dark ocean place
kari is ready to see the world and take what it has to offer
kari is the fucking
kari is used to slightly higher oxygen concentrations
kari is a misfit
kari is a great
kari is beautiful
kari is in the middle of a fog
kari is alright
kari is a very gentle caring person
kari is a spectacular music artist
kari is making water birth jokes
kari is unconscious after the children's fall in the previous episode
kari is a caring kind person
kari is reading the book now
kari is a fairly complex character
kari is gonna kill you
kari is her body
kari is the best
kari is the host for an infomercial called "timesless romance collection"
kari is my hero
kari is presumed to be sometime after 1860 as she not located in later census records
kari is no longer a key character on digimon
kari is seeking some shade inside the cabin after one of her snorkeling expeditions

jaypea is singing in my perm
tweak is a wonderful realm where everything runs at light
manda is in danger with the diamond of doom
rachee is a pole dancer
sir paul is set to strip like britney
sexy sadie is a rainy day lover who comes complete with her own torrent
britty is a real man

...and most of that is true ^-^

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
pieces of the moon
sensitive heart, you're doomed from the start
(& etc)

anybody can be just like me, obviously.
not too many can be like you, fortunately.
KL 02-11