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5:46 p.m. x 2003-02-05

rachel and i went to "the mall" today (it's not even a mall anymore - it's where the elderly go to die) and hit on old women and a man we affectionately call ozzy. amidst our senior citizens adventure, we recounted stupid stories on the Big White Couch that sits conspicuously in the middle of the mall, and i bought a fake white rose! YAY!

valentine's day's looming overhead -_- i had to find some way to cheer my little self up. so i bought a fake white rose and a white rose candle. i like white roses ^-^. we also bounced around the antique shoppe, full of naked pictures of marilyn monroe. rachel was in heaven, of course...i wanted to buy the old typewriter and sewing machine there. those probably predate most of the mallrats (the adverage age of them is in the mid-sixties). AND THEY CLOSED BOTH THE BOOK STORE AND THE FYE...*fumes of anger*...argh them, just arrrgh.

school today didn't suck too bad. we were moved in speech -_- i still sit near jaypea but alex is too far now! i don't get to see her that much during the day! CONVERSATION NAZI! *tisk-tisk*...mm, brittany has come up with the best defense in our anti-homophobic campeign. if you meet someone homophobic and you happen to be either gay or bi or, like me, just adore provoking republicans, hiss into their ear (and remember, get close now)...GAY IS CONTAGIOUS! it sends them into a shitstorm - i love it!

*looks longingly at the calender* it's too long a wait until my next therapy. i left her some of my writing and i want to know what she thinks. that and we got into a really cool discussion about a load of interesting stuff. she told me about a guru who died while out in las angeles, and before he died he was just radiating this happiness and "yay!" and then when he died his body didn't decay for years. i forget what brought that up...err, it was my drawings. i showed her one i did of john lennon and she loved the eyes but asked if i ever do pictures where the people look really happy and don't have a really heavy sadness in their eyes.

i guess sad is just easier to draw. happy never comes out right (only on paul, and even then i always think i draw him with this vaguely annoyed expression on his face...poor sir paul).

MY WEEK IS GOING SOOO MUCH BETTER, and this weekend will be fantastical. thursday-friday with TWEAK, saturday with MANDA...and i want to squeeze SARA in there somewhere...arrgh.

bon weekend.

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