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2:05 p.m. x 2003-02-06

*sigh of relief* - today was okay. just okay, but that was good enough to settle me back into a nice mood ^-^ i really had to blow off steam last night. nothing bad happened today...err, to anyone but me ^-^;;; everyone else was fine, bt i got my report card.

i'm not an academic individual. i got a 76, a 74, and a 68 in my required courses. in other words, i only passed one. the 74 i pulled in geometry isn't enough to get me into algebra 2, and...*oh christ*, let's not even get into english. that whole thing was just unfair. there's only two classes where i really want to exert my effort: art and english.


and 3D art sucks bitterness - i hate drawing objects and i hate sculpting them even more. i like PEOPLE. drawing PEOPLE is my THING. i decided today what i'm doing when i'm older, lock stock and howard, this will encompass k@ri's career from highschool on:

designing and maintaining web sites for artists
singer/lyricist for a band
artist (album covers, comics, etc.)

...and i can do all that now. NOW. school is a six-hour time consuming WASTE and I HATE IT. i'm not LAZY, i like to work! i like to work at things i like! i love sitting down and drawin pictures and writing stories and lyrics and entertaining people and making them happy...

so why am i frustrated here? well, it's my mother. she brags to all her friends "oh, k@ri's so smart and talented and she's such a good girl, she doesn't smoke or have sex or anything!". i don't. BUT - i get a big emotional speech if i do bad in a subject and every time i go out she gets all suspicious. what do you really think about me?! i don't care about my grades, academics and intelligence are two completely differen things. just because you're on the holy fucking honor roll doesn't mean you know more than i do. i don't leave it up to some bitter old cunt to decide how smart i am, i know i'm smart. I JUST DON'T LIKE YOU.

*ugh* - so much for my good mood. not really, i'm still pretty happy ^-^ i'm going to tweak's around 6:30 and then we skip away to her friend claire's. am i in for a relaxing evening? probably not, but it should be fun ^-^. ooo, and jaypea got a parking pass! at last, a space reserved for us! he has therapy today, then he goes to see his grandmother in the hospital -_- *hugs and kisses*.

this is a très, très weird month. what else odd happened today...

...ah yes, we learned a conspiracy theory in american cultures. there were rumors that biological weapons testing took place up in a certain area close to the district, and it happened to be where the am. cult. teacher lived when he moved here. one day he was driving along when he suddenly went completely limp, and all of his muscles just went limp. everything was in black and white and he was just barely able to get back to his house. and he learned the next day that, though it was a common complaint in the area, it was in no medical book the doctors could find.

*spooky music plays* the government has targeted redneck wonderland! please - take betsy instead.

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