...i've been incapacitated...

9:45 a.m. x 2003-02-10

just two days ago, i sat here thinking "good myssi, you haven't missed a day this month!" and what happens? well...i wasn't here yesterday. i was at home ALL DAY, in my room and on my couch, but i couldn't reach the computer. why? I COULDN'T MOVE.

i woke up yesterday around noon, nothing new...i had to go to the bathroom so i tried ousting myself from the bed. after about a half an hour, i realized that wasn't going to work. i just couldn't move. my joints were stiff and every time i moved my head, i swear my brain hit the sides of my skull. i still have a headache from that >-< !!! my mom finally realized i was awake and helped me downstaires where i was stranded for the remainder of the day watching crybaby. that made me smile, i've wanted to see that (mmm...john waters and johnny depp...). i appearantly have the flu, and though i am now semi-mobile my throat's pretty dead. i can't talk that loudly if at all. but i can walk - yay!

*ugh* - more later. i have to do something about mormonism for school, and i have to remember what it is...

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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