ugh - everything tastes like chemicals when you're sick

3:21 p.m. x 2003-02-12

everything i eat tastes like tin and various other metallic substances. that's probably my least favorite part of being sick, it sucks the fun out of soda...even diet soda, which in itself isn't too fun to begin with.

today my brother and i went to the doctor's, and while we waited to get in there the health channel they always have on was doing some special on richard simmons..."that is a pain that's going to linger"...and then of course, in keeping with this week's tradition of "let's put k@ri in pain!", they put me and my brother in the same room to be examined where he babbled about absolutely nothing to my dad for the hour in which we had to sit and wait in the office. and my dad being the asshole he is got mad everytime i told my brother to shut-up...i have a huge crippling headache, he's supposed to have a sore throat! and he STILL won't shush...

-_- i need more productivity time. there's no personal satisfaction in writing 300-word essays on christian sects. i feel productive sitting down and drawing portraits and writing songs and essays on things i feel strongly about...but, *ugh* school is frustrating me. err, it's frustrating me in the sense that i don't care how i do there, but everyone else does. what does it matter?! i'm not going to go on to be a lawyer or a doctor anyway...i don't do good in cubicles for long periods of time, i'll start writing on the walls and throwing things into other peoples' boxes. i'll just make a big mess and get everyone pissed with me, so it's better they let me sod off and do my own thing.

*tisk tisk*...what is the world coming to...

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