7:06 p.m. x 2003-02-14

keeping an eye on the world going by my window...MIRACULOS...i should really be getting my calender out. this valentine's day didn't suck. DIDN'T!!! i had a very nice day today...i'm still single, but i kind of expected that outcome.

at the present time i'd like to thank all of the people and things that went into making my valentine's day un-suck: amanda for being in a cheerier mood, my mother for getting me revolver (*dies*...i'm in such heaven, i cannot verbalize it), jaypea for his speech on how to play tag ("the 'it'-ness is grand"), clare for the walk during resource, tweak for her tweakedness, john lennon for writing i'm only sleeping, brittany for "ERNIE!", rachel for her good mood, sara for that unrecieved phone-call, and amber & mandy for accompanying me in gym today.

*floats on soft little cloud* i'm so fucking fucking fucking happy - REALLY! oooooh...i don't know how many times i've heard i'm only sleeping today, i don't give a damn...eventually i need to sit down and make a little mix CD of john lennon's songs.

i'm only sleeping norwegian wood you've got to hide our love away lucy in the sky with diamonds imagine working-class hero i am the walrus strawbery fields forever nowhere man

there - that's...sparce...but i could put that on repeat and be put into quite the impressive stupor for many an hour...

-_- ugh, do you know what my decidedly idiotic trap decided to get me into this week? when asked what i'd like to demonstrate in my speech, i took the easy route by asking myself "hmm, well k@ri, what do you do well?" and of course my little voice, that sounds of julie andrews on speed, went "draw!". so i said i'd teach the class how to draw something. but what? i've just recently come back into the visually artistic swing and have only been drawing one thing...err, four things if you'd like to get technical.

can you guess? yeah...i'm easy to read. but, yes, i have put myself in an utterly utterly DUMB position: i'm going to end up stranded on a podium for ten excrutiating minutes with a marker and a whiteboard in front of a group of jaded adolescents who have as strong a dislike for me as i do them and the task at hand. on top of these obviously unpleasant things, i'm going to say something about drugs or use innuendo - i don't know why but these things just fly out with me. i have to make everything sound perverted or bad or something...it's very justifiying. i spent a very long time never getting noticed, and saying something slightly obcene will always turn heads. my little psyche just can't process the fact that it's bad, though. it just says it for the laugh or gasp or whatever.

i hate that aspect of entertainment, it relies too much on the audience. i would hate it if i didn't love it...like that makes any sense. i'm gonna pretend it did and walk away.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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